Monday, December 11, 2006

Turn here. Look there. Now smile. Relax.

This is a "pre professional picture" taken by my husband. When I get the others I will post one and we can compare!

6 am and 73 degrees.
Baby horse bit me three times.
He had an excuse.
My editor asked for photographs of me so my buddy NH said that she knew a professional photographer and she could get him out ASAP. It was great fun. He had my friends hold reflectors to get light in my eyes and we proceeded to tease baby horse with carrots so he would cooperate.
It is not nice to tease baby horse.
He grabbed my butt twice (to be fair he had a lot of material to work with) and my fingers once.
Photographers are interesting creatures. They humiliate you without intending to.
"Can you stand sideways? I need to get a thinner profile..."
"Yes, wear your riding chaps - they're slimming."
"The light is good. Your wrinkles will not be as apparent."
"OK now I need a serious smile your lips are too thin to be serious..."
"Wow, these came out a lot better than I expected..."
"How old are you again?"

I am humbled.
Very humbled.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Baby horse! I'm glad you got him into the picture. Gives the reader of your book a more real-feeling of the author. Hmmm, maybe next time Baby Horse will stick out his tongue for the camera!

Michelle said...

I am staying as far away from that photographer as possible!

That reminds me, I do need to do a professional photo shoot as well...argh!!!

Zany Mom said...

Geez, I think I'd rather endure rejections than attacks on my person! Double ouch!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What an adorable horse!

I am very grateful that you are sharing every step you are taking as you go through the "I've sold my what?" process.

But I am still laughing at the image of baby horse biting you in the butt!

Kim Stagliano said...

And that is why I have a digital camera with a timer! :) Nice photo.

Anonymous said...
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jason evans said...

I hope the horse got the treat at the end. :)

Anonymous said...

sorry for the 3 identical posts...
My laptop threw up.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this picture is pretty good, too! Kudos to hubby!

This post is hysterical. The photographer would have made me feel about an inch tall and completely worthless. It wasn't necessary to say things so undiplomatically.

He better have some damn fine 'glam shots' of you and the horse to justify the inconsiderate comments. That will make it all worth it.

PS Thanks for visiting my blog again.