Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bite Me!

photograph by Brett Uprichard/Big Bamboo Stock

5:30 am and 76 degrees.
This is a picture of baby horse trying to bite my leg.
He was unsuccessful.
Not because of my vigilance but because of my thick chaps.
Thank you everybody for all your kind comments.
I hope I did not make Brett out to be a misogynistic ogre! He wasn't at all!
It's just saying those things around a 50 year old woman (OK then 53) can potentially be traumatizing.
Not to the woman... she'll be fine.
It's traumatizing to the man when her fist hits the side of his face!
So here's the comparison shot.
Of course now my friends are pointing out that those fancy diagonal stripes on the sides of my shirt make my boobs look too big.
Thank you for sharing.
Brett made me change my shirt from the black on to the blue one. I think he made a good choice.
I had to use a comparison shot in my blog that will probably not be used for promo as magazines will usually only publish a picture that has not been printed in other media. Interesting. I did not know that.
Another thing?
Everything in this process (from the query to manuscript submission to the agent and the publisher) has been done electronically (in TIMES NEW ROMAN just in case any of you are engaged in that futile argument over fonts).
Even the photos.
Although last night when I was sending these huge files - that took forever to send - I was shaking in my boots (well, maybe my slippers...)
I had visions of bringing the entire Putnam email machine to its knees.
But no worries.
They could handle.
I also sent my entire life story.
Sixteen single spaced pages.
If they signed a younger writer it would have been shorter, but not nearly so interesting.
(I changed all names to protect the innocent!)
My editor says she'll have the first editorial letter to me before the holidays.
Today I go holoholo.
I'll edit a draft of another manuscript for a bit, write a few pages on my WIP,
go for a walk, and then a swim later.
And obsess.
After all I'll be in my swimming suit.
Brett? Where are you?


Anonymous said...

What a great photo! and the blue shirt makes a huge difference (no, Pat, do NOT go there!) .. guess that nasty photographer knows his stuff!

And I thought you wanted your friends to be honest ... forgot for a moment it was re your writing -- age and memory, you know!

Love you and congrats again on everything you've worked so hard for!


Anonymous said...

Do your friends not realize that bigger boobs mean more men will notice your book and then want to buy it??? Your husband might not be crazy about that, but, uh, well. Did you know that fighter jets have female computer voice because, in a crunch, a man will pay attention to a female voice first? 'Course, there are female fighter pilots now. I wonder whose voice they use for their computers? Any ideas? Morgan Freeman's my pick. Oh, sorry, I'm waaaay off-topic!

Zany Mom said...

Love the 'it's traumatizing to the man' comment, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Kimber An...

I agree, and I am totally counting on that fact myself...lol!

Anonymous said...

Great photo, indeed. I hope the pre-release stuff isn't too tedious (she snarfs, jealously).

Anonymous said...

I like the picture a lot!