Saturday, December 09, 2006

Riders...Mount Your Horses

You have to start somewhere.
I am starting here.

6 am and a chilly 71 degrees.
This is the beginning of a journey. I know where I'm going. I have maps and people to guide me along the way, but I have never traveled this path. I am taking my blog readers along with me on this journey because it may be one that they will take someday.
It is nice to be prepared.
I have to wait for my deal to be posted. Probably mid to later December. When it is, I will place it here.
There are some periods of unreality.
This isn't happening, I think.
"This can't be real."
But it is.


I have lots of paperwork.
Lots and lots.
"Tell us everything about yourself."
"All the details."
Address of your college alumni magazine.
Address of your local newspapers.
Everything and anything that can help us sell your book.
There was one thing that I was prepared for.
"Write a letter describing why you wrote this book."
That simple?
That was easy.
Oh no!
This can't be!
Are you all ready?

TELL US ABOUT YOUR BOOK IN 200 -250 words.

It's true.
You DO still have to do this after you have an agent and after a publisher buys your book.
It cannot be escaped!

THE (drum roll)

DREADED (creepy music)

SYNOPSIS (screams of terror)

As soon as I find my smelling salts I will return,
See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I would have never guessed at the types of questions you are being asked...but they make total sense.
In order for the publisher to help you get the word out, you have to help them lay the foundation, so to speak.
I am laughing at the 200-250 words, tho...
Oh, will we never get away from the dreaded 250?
Congrats again, Pat. This is an awesome road you are now travelling.

Zany Mom said...

Cool gift!

As to the 200-250--the more wordy I get, the sillier the hook seems. I have 5 versions ranging from a couple that are single sentences, to a full 250 that some beta readers have said is full of implausible crap. Of course, they read far more into what is actually written, but still...

Some days Lulu looks better and better, LOL.

Michelle said...

Enjoy the paperwork -- it's a necessary evil for a very wild ride! Congrats again on your Putnam deal!