Friday, December 08, 2006

Giving Photographers A Hand

The bat fish. A face only a mother could love.

Spanish Dancer

6:30am and 73 degrees.
The pictures above are examples of something that drives me crazy as a photographer.
I stalk a creature for nearly half of my dive time, my occasional burst of bubbles roaring to the surface. I concentrate. Intent on taking a shot showing the creature in its natural habitat.
There is a vigorous kick up of smoky sand from the bottom. Another diver fins over, picks up the creature, and sticks him in my face.
So helpful. So happy.
Do you want it closer?
How about this angle?
How about if I pretend it's a bowling ball or stick it on my head?
The pantomime
Grinning through their mask.
Title of photo?
Idiotic Diver Negatively Impacting Ocean Environment.
I dutifully take the picture but the moment is ruined. The creature is traumatized and the opportunity lost.
Like writing.
Throwing your characters and plot in the readers' face?
Or incorporating subtlety, nuance in allowing the reader to see the terrain of your story in all its complexity.
I am still learning about opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

I love sea creatures for inspiring my alien characters.

Hey, I finished working on those first 5 pages and am cruising through a nitpick edit of the rest of SCD based on what I learned from your help. Thanks!

I agree about the idiotic diver. Why can't people just sit back and wait and enjoy things. Life is so much more pleasant that way!