Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Kewalo Pipeline

Kewalo Basin Pipeline is a unique place to dive not too far from Waikiki. You reach it by boat and anchor off to one side and then follow the pipe away from shore. The concrete conduit is extravigantly covered with aquatic flora and fauna. It must be a high rent ocean district! I search for invertebrates while my husband looks for bigger sea life.
To each his own.

5 am and 72 degrees.
A chilly morning in paradise.
It's been that kind of a day. I have so many things half completed.
I start one thing and something else gets in the way.
I began this at 5 am and it is now 9:20 and 75 degrees!
Kind of like writing a novel.
Getting started.
Having all the best intentions.
Maybe getting a few pages, then stopping.
Life gets in the way.
Kind of like bungs in the deck - they keep popping out.
20,000 words have always been a tough spot for me.
Others get stuck at 10,000 and still others at 40,000 words.
We all have a point where we struggle.
Today is my struggle day.
And tomorrow?
Well tomorrow is yet to be determined.
But I have optimism it will be better.
That is what keeps me writing.
That and compulsion.
And coffee.


Zany Mom said...

I hear ya! I've been having struggle 'months' mainly due to life's circumstances and now distractions of excited kids and Christmas. My next novel just exposed itself, so maybe that will be the impetus to take my laptop and squirrel myself away in some secret place to get some protracted quiet time to think, and ultimately, write.

Anonymous said...

That looks so peaceful, scuba diving in the ocean.

My personal opinion on coffee?

Mannah from heaven.

That's the only description that's appropriate, I think! If I didn't have coffee on a regualar basis, I would be in severe trouble.