Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Here There Be Dragons...

The dragon nudibranch.
He slides and shimmers across the coral encrusted lava rock.
The other divers are avidly searching for dolphins and turtles.
I am content with my creepy crawlies.

6 am and a chilly 71.
I have TWO pajama tops on and wonder if I should go get some socks.
The Crapometer.
Much trauma and dilemma.
I am not sure how much help the comments sections are.
Too many people appear to jump on the band wagon of peer approval without thought.
It is apparent (or APPARENTLY as maprilyn would say...) that hooks or short compelling descriptions are extremely difficult for most people to write.
Including moi - I admit.
It is also apparent subjectivity rules the day.
I agree that hooks which continue ( and then... and then... next he...and then...) lose me totally.
But there are some plots which tend to defy brevity or even specifics.
I am not talking about navel gazing self absorbed characterizations.
I just think Miss Snark is right when she says, "send pages."
Cuz ya never know...
I am using the Crapometer to learn.
To learn about subjectivity.
To attempt to figure out just what particular phrase or description can turn one hook into a "NO!" and another into "BINGO!"
I have taken to rewriting some hooks just to make them more interesting.
Without even reading the book.
For Fun.
I never let details like that get in the way.
I am analytical.
I confess.
There is much to be learned here.


Zany Mom said...

Brrrr? At 71 degrees?? You've been living in Hawaii too long. My thermometer read 22 degrees this morning, and I left home without a coat. ;) Sunny and dry, though.

Yes, the crapometer has been educational. I see which hooks work, but a few she's dissed seemed interesting to me, and compelling, but she accused them of rambling. Or they're cliche.

It will still be a while for mine, though. I'm in the mid-400s.

Kim Stagliano said...

I can't figure out the crapometer except in the most egregious examples of poor writing. Check out Rachel Vater's blog for a softer, gentler take on submissions. I love Miss Snark for her Snarkicism - and I do learn a lot there.

Sorry you were chilly out there in paradise. Check out Denver. Brrrrr.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am very envious of your 71 degrees, ma'am!
We are under a blizzard warning until 6am tomorrow morning here in Colorado Springs. Every school in Southern Colorado is closed, businesses are closed, the newspaper sent everyone home, on and on....
I am going to be posting a pic from my front window shortly.

Anonymous said...

It was nice and frosty this morning. I had to take my son to the train at 6:30, so I was up early and puttering about.
I have to admit I blew the crapometer - had no idea what a hook was, lol. Now I know! My number isn't up yet, but I know what she will say (because I've learned a LOT) "This isn't a hook, it's the first paragraph to a story!"
What was your number?

Anonymous said...

71 Degrees? Do you know what the temperature was in Spanish Fork, Utah last night. Ten degrees. This Phoenix girl is not coping very well. *grumble, grumble*

*grin* I like Miss Snark.:)


ORION said...

I have had a great time reading the Crapometer and if I respond it is to premises that I think are cool or that I would like to read. People have to remember how subjective this business is. Soon (in January) I will post about this in more detail.
Stay tuned...