Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Superficial Gliding

6 am and 77 degrees.
The trades are back again thank goodness.
My theme is the eagle ray. A composite fish-human-bird face that tends to give it a sulky appearance, wide, sweeping wings and a spotted body reminiscent of the artist Pollack.
Here in Hawaii they are benign graceful creatures that float overhead or hunt in the sand beneath.
I am thinking of them in my editing process.
Page by page seeing where my characters come alive and where they fall flat. Seeing where my story glides only superficially across what transpires in my narrative. I have to find those places and make them real. Expand them. Make them whole.
It is difficult but insightful. It shows me how I write. Soaring. Skimming. Rapidly covering ground.
That is the first draft and maybe the second.
But now it is time to restrain the tendencies of a lifetime.
To adapt to a new strategy in order to survive.
To learn.
And grow.
But not.


Kimber An said...

Oh, love it! I visit your blog every day to see a new picture of a horse or an ocean creature. There's just something so spiritually soothing about them both. Thanks!

Zany Mom said...

I just came across your profile on Miss Snark's blog and was intrigued by the variety in your life's journey.

I'm glad not everyone's interests don't always seem to make sense when grouped together.

Variety is the spice of life.

Write on. :) said...

Hey dive master, mary and mike here saying we need
to go diving with you and Gordon again soon. Thanks
for posting the ray photos and sailing through life
with such grace and verberosity.....................

Writer on Board said...

Wow! Fantastic photos! Love that little horse too. Beautiful! I find your site very inspiring. Thank you.