Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lawyers Are Real People After All...

6:30 am and 79 degrees.
My photo of the Galapagos shark from Midway Atoll I think is apropos. We've all heard the jokes.
What's worse? A shark attack or a lawyer? The lawyer. You can survive a shark attack...
Yesterday masses of lawyers from all over took time out of their busy days to help me. I wanted information about some legalese I use in my book and they flew to the rescue. I was grateful and relieved.
They all were a huge help.
I continue to edit knowing that it will be less likely the lawyers who read my book will be so disgusted at my inaccuracies that they toss my book out of their luxurious twentieth floor plate glass window so hard it will implode onto the sidewalk below gracing the street with my feeble prose in a twisted sort of semantic littering.
Of course I write fiction.
It doesn't have to be true.
But it is much more fun to lie things that matter.
Don't you think?

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