Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Old Man Gives Me Inspiration

6 am and 75 degrees.
Airborne and I have been partners a long time. He's 25 and does not act his age. He is my model. I strive to be like him. He does not let age dictate who he is or what he does. Even thought he's a horse. It makes no difference.
That is how I want to be.
So when I think about what I should do - I think of him.
Help sail a boat across an Ocean?
Not a problem.
Start training another baby horse?
Go for it!
Go back to school for a doctorate?
Yeah, why not.
Write novels for a living?
My decision was not so flippant as that, because I have always written. I even had short pieces published in magazines.
But finishing a novel...ahh there's the rub. Finishing.
I turned fifty and my life began again.
All that time before was merely practice.
So now I am doing what I want to do - just like Airborne.
Bucking someone's butt off just for the hell of it...
Now that's living!


LadyBronco said...

Isn't it great to have someone to whom you can look at and say 'Yeah, that's how to really live!'
My grandmother is like that. She is 75. She looks, acts, and talks like she is 50. She takes life by the horns and lives the way she feels she must, come what may.
She kicks butt.
The way you describe your Airborne is exactly how I picture my grandma ~ doing what she wants to do.
What a woman.

ORION said...

Now if I can stop having so much fun blogging and visiting other blogs and get back to work writing - I'll be happy!

Anonymous said...
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