Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Imperialism At Its Best

The imperial nudibranch is worth sitting on my knees deep in the sand against a lava ledge serenaded only by irregular bubble bursts out my regulator. Even without a camera I can watch them for hours creep along the ocean floor. The other divers are madly flapping around looking for sharks and other charismatic megalofauna...but not I.
I am fascinated with the tiny. The small. The little.
Isn't that just like a writer?
To avoid the obvious and focus on infinitesimal detail that brings a story to life.

6 am and 75 degrees.
My father called and told me it was snowing in Seattle the other day.
How satisfying.
Kimber an talked about sub zero weather in Alaska.
I feel your pain...as I sit here with fans blowing, basking in tropical warmth.
The topic today is truth.
I think it is important to tell the truth.
I disagreed with Miss Snark today.
Now those of you may remember that I said as a writer I am a great liar.
This is different.
The post talked about readability (Flesch-Kincaid grade levels) and was equating the higher score with (I guess) a better book?
I don't buy it.
It is seductive to take everything on Miss Snark's blog as manna from Heaven.
Don't get me wrong. She has much to offer new writers - but like in academia - read everything with a discerning eye.
As far as readability?
Short sentences and one syllable words worked just fine for Papa.
Simenon did pretty well too.
There are others.
Dr. S. - Who can decry the philosophical ramifications of Green Eggs and Ham?
When I have to wade through a literary opus with a dictionary at my side because I can't define a word in context.
I get a little irked.
So don't be a lemming as they call all us snarklings on AW.
Think for yourself.
And enjoy her blog.
Then come over and read mine.
And that's the truth.


Kimber An said...

Yes, think for yourself. This business is so subjective.

Anonymous said...

Brave words. If people think the scores denote good or bad writing, they ought to read some of the architectural press -- that drivel probably ranks about 25.0 years, but is totally unreadable. -- g

Maprilynne said...

I definitely took the article with a grain of salt . . . but I still laughed my ass off at it!:)


Anonymous said...

I think most of the stuff I read is definitely on the lighter side. I agree with you, Orion. Who wants to have to tote around a dictionary with the book they are reading?

And totally off-subject ~ it has been driving me crazy that I read a book by Paul Theroux in high school, but I could not remember the name of it to save my life. And then it hit me. It was O-Zone, and I read it at least 20 times before I wore out the binding. He is good.

Had to get that off my chest...lol!

ORION said...

Paul will be pleased. He likes to hear when people enjoy his books.

writingmom said...

Hi Orion, love your site and I mentioned that on Absolute write. Now I was new to the site only a few days and now its gone. I realy dont understand, please shed some light if you can, I realy enjoyed the site and learned a few extra things that was helpful. If you know anything or when it will recover please let me know. If not maybe you can tell me of another site I could visit thanks, writingmom.

ORION said...

Absolute Write is still there.


Sometimes during certain points of the day it gets slow. Just try again.
I'm glad you enjoy my site. if you have problems sometimes you can hit refresh.
Another great site is Miss Snark. Look on my side bar and there is a direct link to it. Check out the archives and you will learn lots.
Have a great day and thanks for visiting. I love comments!