Thursday, April 12, 2012


No use shutting the barn door after all the horses have escaped.
I was asked by CNN to do an op-ed piece on winning the LOTTERY and staying anonymous.
The responses in the comments section were quite interesting.
Some thought I was a blatant promoter of my book - trust me CNN was the one who put the links in.
Some offered their own so-called expert opinions - Well I think you have to win or be related to a winner to be considered an expert.
Some thought by doing the op-ed piece I was contradicting my advice - um, no. As I noted above it's too late to keep quiet about it after it's been in all the papers.
And others made observations about my looks to my intelligence- Not sure what any of that had to do about my opinion piece.
It wasn't meant to be news.
But it was fun to write.
And that's what we writers enjoy. Stringing those words together.


Heidi Willis said...

Your op-ed piece was great. You string those words together quite well. :)

Holly Kennedy said...

I loved your op-ed piece, Pat. And re: those random comments? Isn't it amazing how cruel and stupid (yes, stupid) people can be. Ridiculous.

Brenda Wilson Wooley said...

You are a wonderful writer, Pat, and your piece was great! I'm sure those comments were made by people who are green with envy. Shame on them!

HawksEye said...

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