Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So here's the thing.
Bread Loaf Writers Conference is magic.
I'm under its spell already and I've only been here a day. I'm meeting writers of all types, kinds, and sizes and getting inspired by their stories.
Today I heard readings by Linda Gregerson and Jim Shepard and was in awe.
I have my alarm set for 6:30 am and plan to wander the property and visualize what it was like to meet Robert Frost, Willa Cather and all the other authors who have strolled the grounds.
I will answer any questions that my blogging buddies may have...
Write on!


Sarah Laurence said...

Enjoy Bread Loaf!

I haven't visited your blog in months. I don't spend that much time online during a Maine summer, although I have been posting. I'm so sorry that you hurt your arm, but it looks like you've been managing with the voice software. Congratulations on finishing your first draft before that. Good luck with revisions.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful country in which to learn and think about one's craft -- certainly a change from your usual paradise.
Zoroaster's Dog

Dawn Anon said...

Yay! It sounds wonderful. I'm glad you are enjoying it.

I have no specific questions but look forward to reading anything you want to share about the experience.

Sabrina said...

I hope you're having fun there. I know another writer also attending.

Not very literary, but as another Hawaii resident, I just want to know, how's the weather? :P The past few days, if it isn't hot and muggy, it's raining.