Friday, May 29, 2009


This is Pupukea.
This will be my tower without a ladder.

A cabin in the woods.
No internet.
No distractions.
Just electricity for my kindle and my computer.

It takes a lot to create a first draft of a novel. No cats needing to be fed. No dinners to fix. No phone calls or long internet ramblings.
Mostly it takes being undisturbed.
When my story is new and unformed I have to immerse myself in it and let it take me where it goes. My first drafts are really quite horrible. They are a large amorphous outline that I'm able to revise and expand. That revision and expansion I can do bit by bit and deal with interruptions but the first draft?
I gotta be alone (as Garbo said).
So I'm doing an experiment thanks to my friend Nodie. I'm being isolated intentionally. I will blog about it when I'm done.
Any cheering and suggestions will be gratefully accepted.
As for now?
Hasta la VEEESTA baaaybee!


Sarah Laurence said...

Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird says to not be afraid of writing really shitty first drafts. I find the first draft harder than revision – sort of like housebreaking a puppy – fun but exhausting. Good luck!

How long do you usually spend on first drafts?

I’ve been a total hermit for months and just finished a first draft. I wish I could retreat like that completely, but my kids would be less understanding than your cats. Now I’m catching up on life.

Jen P said...

Remember to take enough snacks.

Good luck!

Heidi said...

Great idea! I locked myself in the basement today for three hours and ignored the dryer beeping at me. That was the best I could do.

I agree with Jen. Snacks are essential. And maybe an umbrella if you are going out in that field. And bug spray. And SPF.

Is this the third book? I've lost track, I'm afraid. Is your second already with the agent or editor?

Mystery Robin said...

I second the snacks and I hope there's a nice bathtub for you. ;) I'd go stark raving mad without someone climbing on me or under me or pulling my hair at least once a day - but I know you'll get a ton done. I can't wait to hear how the experience was for you.

Lisa said...

You...alone...without internet? Without phone? Oh my! I'll be standing by with the white jacket and leather straps! Seriously, have fun and I hope it's a great experience for you.

Janet said...

See you later. I don't think I could do it.

Holly Kennedy said...

Good for you, Pat! Lock yerself away and write like mad.

The Book Chook said...

Looking forward to reading your next book SO MUCH. Lock yourself away for as long as it takes!

Kim Rogers said...

Go. Go. Go. Peck. Peck. Peck. Write. Write. Write. Now. Now. Now.

Sustenance Scout said...

Go Pat Go!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Good for you! Claim that time and when you are done, the world will be gifted with a new work.