Tuesday, January 13, 2009


What I do when I'm between projects...

And I'm REALLY enjoying this one! You guys might want to run out and buy it...right now. Go.
My reading tastes are eclectic. From Kafka to Rowling. From Monk-Kidd to Merwin. From Simenon to Allingham.
I need a way to set my imagination free. Let it run wild. Reading Cchildren's books helps me do that. I even re read classics from when I was small.
When I finish with a draft and send it on to my agent I have to let that story go so I can come back to it fresh. See it with new eyes. So I figure out ways to start generating new ideas.

I'll even take breaks by line editing my other manuscripts. Something. Anything to keep me going.
New ideas. When you get them immediately write them down because if you don't, you lose them. Trust me.
My new idea is a story about sailing. About a man looking for a second chance. And a boat. It started with a giant "What if?"
I have other ideas but this one grabbed me. If you're wondering? You don't take hold of the ideas, they take hold of you.

And inbetween reading and writing and editing?
I do book clubs for LOTTERY on speaker phone and SKYPE.
How's that for variety?
So I interviewed TOOLOOSE and asked him where he got his ideas.
And he said:
thuts a ned 2 no basus.

But I suspect that he steals them from Girl Kitty.

I saw him taking notes.
He's like that.


Bookfool said...

I read adventurous kids' tales, too. I'm too tired to look this one up, though. Don't be surprised if I come harass you for a title, later on.

dan radke said...

Personally, I play my xbox 360 for fun and games. It's incredibly fun, but doesn't do much in the way of generating any new ideas. It will probably be the death of me.

But seriously, if you had an xbox and Rock Band, why you'd never leave your boat.

Mystery Robin said...

I'm glad to know it's not just me! I started "previewing" them, so I knew what my 8 year old was reading... now I'm not sure who I'm really buying them for. ;) I'm reading the Little House series right now and Dahl's Danny the Champion of the World - so much fun!

Madison said...

Middle grade books are about all I read! You know why? They're fun and clean! :D

Kim Stagliano said...

GREAT cover. I recognized it as being from Adrienne (sp?) instantly. That's wonderful branding!!!