Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm sorry. I just couldn't take it. I had to check into the hotel.

The signs are all there. The wild hair from pulling. The bags under the eyes from late night typing.
I had no time to blog. Tuesday we had a talk on revision by Anne LeClaire that knocked my slippers off (we don't wear socks in Hawaii. Revise. Revise. And then revise again. Then we wrestled with the devil of writer's block with John Lescroart
I laughed. I cried. I took notes.
His advise? JUST DO IT!
My teacher Gary Braver did his talk about the 10 basic ingredients of a thriller that I think applies to plotting any book.
His advice? Kick it up a knotch. Make your character's lives miserable. And then do it some more.
Touloose I understand that life is more than cat food and a clean litter box. I had to devote this time to my art. I'm sure you will understand some day.
Wednesday Ann Hood talked about the 10 things you need to do to get published (actually I counted and there were at least 13).
We definitely got our money's worth.
So now after six days?
People's work is really taking shape. We're a cohesive group and have really bonded.
And me?
Well I really got some help on the voice of my next character.
I'm ready to get immersed in my story.
So Touloose. Thanks for understanding and taking care of ORION.
And please.
Wear your PFD.
I have been remiss. The WINNER of the personalized paperback of LOTTERY was HEIDI.
I sent it off and she should have it by this time - She now has permission to gloat!


Heidi said...

Ah! No gloating! (except perhaps that my kitchen remodel is done as well as the first draft of my book... but other than that...)

All kidding aside, thanks so much! It's on the blog. I couldn't resist advertising for you!

Despite your moaning and Tooloose's groaning, your Maui workshop sounds awesome. Wish I were there... for more than just the Hawaii part. Keep at that writing... we are all waiting!

ORION said...

Yep it is really worth it.
I learned a lot and I know the other writers did as well...