Sunday, August 24, 2008


What do these photos have in common? Answer at the end of the post...

So another early morning arrival at the retreat. This time to hear STEVE BERRY talk about REJECTION!!!
Yes folks it's true. Get used to it. Rejection is your friend. Rejections come when hunting for an agent, when submitting novels to publishers, when submitting proposals to editors. Rejections come when a reader or reviewer doesn't like your book.
Embrace rejection. Be one with rejection. Rejection is love.
Okay so maybe I went a little far. But Steve's point was that it's part of the process. Tooloose says that he deals with rejection all the time. It made him a better cat.
So in homeroom we read our first chapter aloud and then everyone critiqued it. We are to take the comments and incorporate them into a re-write. So what am I doing blogging? I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!
We all got together for lunch and bitched...wait no...that was the waitress...
And then after our homeroom session we listened to the phenomenal JACQUELYN MITCHARD talk about dialogue and how it shouldn't just be an info dump or preaching. She talked about how dialogue written in books is not exactly how we speak (Tooloose says I say WAY too many ums uhs ers and meows).
Oh. The best thing? Jackie gave us ALL permission to eavesdrop. Everywhere. With everybody.
Okay now the answer to the question...
One photo is of our homeroom and the other is where Ella's boat is usually docked. She is out in the Pacific Ocean cruising.
From Kauai to Niihau and back.
Taking a risk.
Just like these writers. Putting herself out there. Just like these writers. Taking a chance and flying in the wind.
Just like.


Joanne said...

Thanks for bringing the conference to us here. Love the insight, encouragement, the nudge out of the nest to fly. And the permission to eavesdrop! Happy re-writing ...

Bookfool said...

I have a total of 5 rejection letters, all of which I stashed in a pretty tube. Which I lost. My friend John has hundreds of rejection letters, but he's also been published a million times, so yep . . . you have to get yourself out there and get some rejections (unless, you know, your name is Pat and you're naturally brilliant) to get published.

I eavesdrop every chance I get. I used to take notes; probably should go back to doing so.