Friday, August 22, 2008


What can I say...I invited my Maui Writers Retreat teacher to dinner on ORION.

Photograph taken by Kari Peterson who is NOT a stalker.
This is my instructor
Okay so maybe I was angling to be teacher's Pet. You can't blame a girl for trying.
Today I met MAPRILYN!!!!!
She is every bit as fun as you might think. Neither of us took a breath. We talked non-stop.
The opening ceremonies included an oli or chant by a Hawaiian Kumu (teacher) and a short address by Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle.
And then?
More gabbing and re connecting with good friends.
And then?
The phenomenal instructor DR. Steven Taylor Goldsberry.
The DREAD overhead about your very first page, choosing a title and an evaluation guide for writing.
He's written an awesome book.THE WRITERS BOOK OF WISDOM
Which all you writers ought to run right out and order on amazon - it's great.
The high points? Here are some of my notes: Find a title that makes people's eyes light up. By the end of the first paragraph on your first page show some sort of conflict. Are your characters interesting right from the get go?Is there white space on the first page? This fools the reader into thinking they could quickly read your beginning- then...HOOK THEM!!
So stay tuned for more insight from the retreat. Ask your questions in the comments. Check out the retreat and conference pages and see who is speaking. I will track the instructors down and make them give up their secrets...


the Amateur Book Blogger said...

Hi Pat - I don't know where it would be a good fit to ask if at all in the program, but perhaps you have some wisdom of your own to share.

If you write fiction but include a number of real persons among your fictional cast, to what extent may you involve them in your fiction, invent events and dialogue, how do you state this in the notes exempting form liable and is this "allowed"? And will agents / editors be happy to accept assuming the fiction is good?

I'm writing set in 1930's-40s, and about to embark on 'the big edit' so any pearls are much appreciated.

Kim Stagliano said...

MORE! Please.

Andy Scontras said...

I intend to set up "bar-camp" on Thursday. Look for me under the second stool ...

ORION said...

Book blogger...
This is asked quite often actually. Are the real persons famous or celebrities? Are they living or dead? You can take a lot of liberties with those who are in the public limelight (NOTE: The National Enquirer and Star for proof of this lol!)
Is it alternate reality?
In the front of my novel Putnam & Berkely included the line "This is a work of fiction. Names, characters,places and incidents are products of the authors imagination or are used fictionally , and any resemblance to actual persons , living or dead...(it goes on for a bit) is purely coincidental."
Now if you call your book non-fiction then you may be held to a higher standard....wait maybe not...think of all those diet books and that new one full of lies about Obama by that nutcase....
I think you get my meaning.
If you are using your friends as models then you'll want to change their names unless they want to be in your book (Autism Speaks had an auction in the UK where someone bid and won the right to "be" in my next book...quite fun...)

the Amateur Book Blogger said...

Thanks - 30's / 40's all dead, well known in their day. I'm given heart not to abandon ship after all.

The dreaded first page is done. :-)

Insights are great - thank you for sharing. Hope it's as much fun as it sounds. As kim says - look frwd to more of the same!

Anonymous said...

Gostei do blog!!!
Visita a gente também....

Tenho certeza que vai adorar!

Chumplet said...

Cool tips from Dr. Steven!

What fun, meeting fellow bloggers.

Someday, someday I'll be at one of those retreats. One of my RWU crit partners attended the Maui conference a couple of years ago.

Have a great time!

laughingwolf said...

wowsers... good'uns pat! :)

Sustenance Scout said...

Oh good, I can attend vicariously! Thanks for letting us read your notes, Pat!

Brenda said...


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"A hugely feed-good novel that had me laughing out loud at the hero's rise to happiness from absolute despair."

Just wanted to make sure you know that everyone (including best-selling authors) love your book!