Thursday, June 05, 2008


I've been asked to talk a little bit more about the Orange Prize party and celebration so here goes...The stage was along the windows on one side of the festival ball room. It was PACKED with readers, reviewers, publishers, editors, literary agents, authors, publicists and husbands LOL...This is Gordon a true two fisted drinker and Emma my UK Publicist who honestly UBER ROCKS!
Each of the short listed books were on huge projected screens around the room.

All of us shortlisted authors were called up and presented with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers which I could not take home (Hawaii is very strict).I also was given a specially bound copy of LOTTERY inscribed with ORANGE BROADBAND PRIZE FOR FICTION 2008. The food and drink flowed. I ate a quail egg topped with caviar and rinsed the black off my teeth with champagne.
This is a photo of me and Kirsty Lang the judging chair. She was brilliantly nice and funny and a real fan of LOTTERY.

AND THEN???? It was time to take off those high heels and do some serious London research for one of my novels...
You never know what tiny fact creates authenticity in your novel. Check out where the door knob is.
First stop Regents Park.

It was huge. Ginormous to use one of Adrienne's expressions.

And what visit to England could be complete without a trip to the London Zoo. It was full of amazing and ferocious creatures...Komodo Dragons
Pygmy Hippos

The zoo even lists the attractions everywhere: Check out the last elusive and dangerous creature...


Sarah Laurence Blog said...

Patricia, safe journey back home! It must have been a thrill just to part of the Orange Prize night. You’re still a winner in my household. My son took my copy of Lottery as soon as I posted my review, and then read it in a record 3 (school) days. He loved it – especially the protagonist. He said it was very funny and more complex than books written for teens.

When we lived in London, we watched the elaborate construction of the Komodo Dragon exhibit but didn’t see the results until your blog post. Fun pictures! Is your next novel set in London?

Katie Alender said...

I love Emma's dotty dress!

And Komodo dragons... those things are terrifying! Sorry to go off-topic, but really, they're vicious! Thanks goodness you fought them off, Pat. ;-)

Fly safely.

Margaret Yang said...

Who would go to the zoo to see a toilet?

laughingwolf said...

great treat of a tour, pat... thank you

mlh said...

Um...that's one crowded bathroom. I think I would take my chances back at the hotel.

Wonderful pics! But what are you going to do about the flowers? Can't you get them dried and take them home, or would that still violate laws?

Hope all your research goes well while in London. And have a safe trip back to Hawaii.

Cheers! Aloha!

Holly Kennedy said...

Have a safe trip home, Patricia,
and then get your time zones straightened out girl.

ie., One does not phone fellow authors who have little kids at 1:15 a.m. in the morning from an airport *sheesh*

Kanani said...

I would think anyone who hangs with you would have to be a two-fisted drinker!

David L. McAfee said...

Yeah, those toilets are rough critters, especially in a public zoo.

The wild ones are even worse.

Poison ivy...never mind, I decided not to go there (no pun intended).

Chumplet said...

I'm going to ask the question that is hanging on everyone's lips:

Did you meet Ginger Spice?

You called Holly at 1:15 a.m.? That's true friendship.

Emil said...

Dear Patricia Woods,
THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY BLOG!! It is truly an honor!!!!

I cannot even begin to explain how touched I am by "Lottery". It is truly one of the most amazing story I have ever read.

I feel so humbled and ashamed to have you look at the designs I did based on your book.

Thank you so much though for commenting on them. I am so genuinely surprised to have you visit my blog! THANK YOU!

Thank you for such a great book and here's wishing for many many many more to come!


Sam said...

What a wonderful report - thank you so much for sharing it with us, I felt like I was there!!!!

And another HUGE congrats for being shortlisted for the Orange Prize - that is SO awesome!!!!!

Nadine said...

Congratulations again! It looks like your trip was fabulous! And I loved the pictures from the zoo, especially the one mentioning the toilet, lol. I love it!!

Ello said...

THat is too cool! I'm sure you had a wonderful time so I can tell you that I am jealous! Jealous jealous jealous!!!!

But so cool that you had a great time! ;o)

ChrisEldin said...

Great detail about the doorknob!!
Glad to see you're seeing as much of London as you can.
I've been there several times, but always back and forth from Dubai, so we only have a day or two. We've been seeing one thing at a time. :-) Love that city though!

How Publishing Really Works said...

Pat, many, many cogratulations on your achievements with Lottery. Of all the books I've read this year, Lottery has stayed with me the longest and even now, some months after I finished it, the characters are still following me around and popping up just when I don't expect to see them.

Mind you, I don't understand why you commented on the doorknob. Glossy paint aside, that front door looks a lot like mine. Hmmm.

(Jane S/Old Hack, posting with her new blog identity, rather than the name you know her under, because when she tries to log out her computer goes on strike.)

Manic Mom said...

I betcha the last one on the list is also the smelliest, makes the most noise AND is the hardest to clean up after!