Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Or another beautiful day in paradise. 77 degrees. 9 pm.

Things that must be done before starting to write for the day.
Clean papers off settee and straighten cushions.
Lift Touloose off computer.
Turn on computer.
Make coffee.
Turn on cell phone and sit down in front of computer.
Push Touloose off computer.
Answer emails.
Get up and fix coffee.
Take first sip and feel human again.
Kick Touloose off computer.
Attempt to put keys back in the correct positions after Touloose's claws dislodged them.
Get up and pour another cup of coffee.
Throw Touloose off computer.
Realize notes were in stack of papers that were removed from settee. Lift Touloose off papers. Find notes.
Pour another cup of coffee.
Hear loud engine in next slip. Go up on deck and see boat careering toward stern of ORION. Push off boat and help couple tie up to dock. Listen to wife complain about husband. Listen to husband complain about wife. Agree with both.
Go back down below. Toss Touloose off computer to the floor and then feel bad and play with him with the laser pointer for the next 20 minutes.
Dump out cold coffee and pour fresh cup.
Shove Touloose off computer.
Drink coffee.
Drink LOTS of coffee.
So what about you?
What are your morning rituals?


mlh said...
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mlh said...

My morning ritual?
Phone rings fifty times until I realize it is not in my dream.
I get out of bed and nearly cough up a lung cursing the brisk Spring weather because it's irritating my asthma.
Fix a cup of tea and finally decide to answer the phone.
I listen to the excited bride tell me that she has bought over 300 red favor boxes for the wedding reception.
I ask her why since her colors are navy blue and yellow.
She asks if I can change everything (florals, decorations) to red before the wedding that's TOMORROW.
I remind her that the bride's maids will look a little strange in their puffy dance-hop chiffon dresses if she changes the colors now.
The bride mopingly agrees and hangs up.
I crawl back into bed when suddenly realizing that it is only 4 am.
The phone rings again.

Lisa R said...

Your mornings sound remarkably like mine. Lots and lots of coffee...lots and lots of shoving the cat (or cats) off of things. I could add "wishing that I could go back to bed" to the list because I am NOT a morning person and I'm up at 4:15 a.m. Sigh!

ORION said...

Gee mlh...this all makes sense.
Touloose is a reincarnated Bridezzilla!

Trish Ryan said...

Morning routine: Tea. Bible. Write to-do list, knowing full well most of it won't get done. Post blog. Read other blogs. Check email.

Realize it's noon and I've not had breakfast yet...

No matter what time I get up, it seems to go this way?

mlh said...

OMG! Touloose/Bridezilla? It does make sense! I've seen brides scarf down on shrimp cocktail and then stare glassy-eyed at the colorful lights flashing on the dance floor.

You've given me a new catchphrase. Whenever one of these ladies ask me if they are being a Bridezilla, I'll say, "No, you're being a Touloose."

Josephine Damian said...

Pat: I went cold turkey off coffee years ago- it was the toughest of my addictions to kick.

Once I figured out I was pooped in the morning because I was dehydrated, the first thing I do now is down two glasses of water in rapid succession - that wakes me up in ways coffee never did.

Of course scooping the litter boxes comes first. And putting out fresh food and water for my brood is also among my very first thing. They get fed before I do because they have me greatly out-numbered.

Chumplet said...

I stumble out of bed, put the dog and cat out to pee, drive son to school, return home to drink coffee, put on decent clothes and drive to work.

Write? Oh, I do that... uh... in snippets during Prime Time while everyone is glued to the television.

Ello said...

You know I might have had some thoughts but then I saw that beautiful photo and I got all jealous and envious and grumpy and clean forgot anything of intelligence to say. I jealous!

ORION said...

mlh the black tail and white paws are a tip off...also when they try to bat then end of your pen while you're writing...

Sayuri said...

My morning ritual:
Do some stretching,Tibetan Yoga's five poses.
They say it will take ten years off the age.
I'm not sure it's true.
I've just begun doing.

Make coffee.
Check email and news.
Have toast with jam, yogurt, banana.
Drink coffee.
Try to work on my translation....

Kim Stagliano said...

Wake up. Read Pat's blog full of exotic photos. Look out window at pathetic excuse for Spring in Connecticut. Get depressed. Drink lots of coffee. Well, at least we have something in common!

Mary said...

Sleep through alarm, wake up, scream, grab laptop from office, run downstairs, swig pomegranate juice, make coffee, answer email, shower, dress, turn on phones, look at to-do-list, waste time on Internet, notice time, panic!
I am horrible in the mornings.

nancorbett said...

Every morning I get up and think about how I'm going to work on my novel, write a great piece of flash fiction, exercise, organize and clean my house, prepare packages for that list of agents I intend to query regarding my YA novel, find a life partner, mow my lawn, avoid sugar, clean out and wash my car.

By the time I'm done thinking about all of this, I'm exhausted. But I get up off the couch and do as many of these things as I can with whatever energy I have left. Some days I get further than others.

writtenwyrdd said...

I hit the snooze button several times, get up, decide if brushing teeth and showering are worth it, get dressed in clean work clothes, go feed Old Cat and Young Cat, coax Old Cat to eat more if I can, go to convenience store for coffee, drive to work, drink coffee, drink coffee, drink coffee, and maybe write some instead of work. Finish last cup of coffee cold and drive home, arrive at 8pm, watch American Idol and go to bed at 9pm. Repeat.

BClark said...

Most days wake up to the sound of my Cockatoo Buddy greeting the dawn. The cockatiels chime in, then I stumble over cats on my way downstairs to let the dog out. While she is out I turn on tea pot and feed the cats. Let dog back in and then I change into my goat clothes. They are sweet but do have a certain aroma about them. Go out and take care of them and get my morning laugh at their antics. Take care of the birds inside and out and then continue on with my day.

Polly Kahl said...

Hi Pat. I'm with ello. Your pictures are so stunning and your lifestyle so enviable that if I lived the way you do, I'm not sure I'd be able to get anything done at all. I might just sit there every morning, eyes agape, mouth drooling, stunned at the beauty. Well then, I guess that would make it my morning routine, wouldn't it? ;-0