Sunday, January 13, 2008


I had such fun last week. I was a designated authorial tour guide.

10 pm and 72 degrees. Looks like we have to pull out the winter blankets tonight.
My editor who UBER ROCKS has a mother who also UBER ROCKS.
I got to steal her away from her hotel and take her on a whirlwind tour of the island. I even put her on top of the world famous wonder horse Airborne. We snorkeled, watched waves, drove around the island and ate some excellent lunches.
I was tempted to keep her but was persuaded to send her back. I think all authors should meet their editor's mothers.
What does this have to do with writing?
Many times on writers' blogs and message boards there is this negativity about publishing professionals. Writers talk about agents who won't give them a chance and editors who take pleasure in rejecting writers.
I'd like to present another side.
Agents who love the written word and who fall in love with the premises and voices of their clients. Who go to bat for them and watch out for them.
And the editors who become friends with their authors. Who have made their books better and who take pleasure in the fact that they have given readers something special.
They have families. They have mothers. They are real people.
They are not out to get writers.
They are out to find them.
So Mahalo (thank you) and Aloha
Peternelle Van Arsdale of Putnam (US hardback)
Jackie Cantor of Berkely (US trade paperback)
Jason Arthur of William Heinemann (UK)
YOU all more than UBER ROCK


Demon Hunter said...

Awesome, Pat. How many people get to hang out with their editors, much less their editor's mom. Coolness! :*)

Holly Kennedy said...

And I thought swimming in that lagoon was a special treat just for me!?

I'm off to call my agent & editor and ask why they don't send their mom's to hang out with me! I mean, hey, I could strap them into a chair lift and send them up the side of a mountain. That's almost as good as a lagoon, isn't it?!

moonrat said...

that's awesome.

while i've never inflicted Momrat on any of my authors (yet), i HAVE been invited to stay at the houses of some of my AUHTORS' parents. share and share alike!!

ORION said...

No Holly. Letting you swim with the sharks was a special treat...

Church Lady said...

Oh, that is nice. I often get along better with other people's mothers. They're just soo cute!

Congrats on number 10!!! I showed my husband. Very cool!!

(I dedicated Gilligan's Island theme song to you and Paca a couple of days ago. In case you missed it, I wanted to give it a mention so you'd have the tune in your head for a week)

Therese said...

Total agreement: there are many wonderful people in publishing.

In fact I've yet to encounter a single barracuda, even back when I was in the bazillion-rejections stage.

Fab news on the UK edition--didn't I tell you? :)

Manic Mom said...

Ah, what a great post. I Hope to have an editor's mommy I can befriend some day!!!

Hell, or a book editor for that matter! (I've got Web editors, and that's cool, but I wanna book editor!!!)

Bernita said...

Well said, Pat!

Kim Stagliano said...

Congrats on the list placement! How is Perry? Is he happy? Doing all right. A Mom wonders....

Why are writers so afraid of agents and editors? Is it that we feel they hold the keys to the castle? The agent blogs help - but still, there's that whole, "We're not worthy!" vibe among writers - myself included. I suppose it's their power to say, "NO" to us. I didn't like that word as a two year old and I don't like it much better now as a 2 times 22 year old.

Funny, I don't think any editor's Mom will be vacationing in CT anytime soon. See? Being in Hawaii is a huge advantage.

Lisa R said...

I really like this post. So much better than focusing on the negative. This gives us hope that we too can find a wonderful editor and agent. Thanks.

Bookfool said...

Okay, first, congrats on the Tesco spot. That is totally awesome!! I've bought Christmas crackers and snacks from Tesco, but never a book. What was I thinking?

Second, I had an editor at one time and she was hunky dory. Honestly, people who love books are usually pretty okay, aren't they? ;)

Adrienne said...

love love love the message behind this post. I am so sick and tired of agent/editor bashing, as if somehow they weren't real people. Almost everyone I have met in the publishing industry have proven to be passionate about books and really decent hardworking people.

Also love the pic. And makes me uber jealous as I sit here in slushy Toronto!

ORION said...

I have been thinking about this for a long time. It seems as there is so much focus on the unfairness of publishing and the serendipity of it all and NOT on the fact that writing is so subjective and requires hard work. Good premises have to be coupled with good writing coupled with perseverance coupled with determination etc...

The Anti-Wife said...

Love the post and the picture.

Julie Weathers said...
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Julie Weathers said...

Whoa, now this is a fun site.

I love Airborne, but then, I am of the horsey set. Good looking horse for his age. Says a lot about the care he gets.


cesca said...

Hi Patricia, I just finished reading Lottery and wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved it. I didn't know where else to leave you this message and this is my first blog post ever! I live in Switzerland and will spread the word that your book is wonderful. Congratulations! xx cesca

Sustenance Scout said...

Great photo, great post, great news! And a new fan in Switzerland! Congrats, Pat!! K.

ORION said...

Thanks so much cesca!
That's one of the fun things about writing a book. You met people all over the world.
I am so glad they feel compelled to send me a note!

Travis Erwin said...

Wells aid. I have grumbled about not getting a chance but in reality I know I have to create my chance and I have been fortunate enough to meet several agents and editors who have showed an interest in me and went above and beyond to help.

Jess Riley said...

What a great photo! This post had me smiling big time.

I feel so lucky to have a great editor I connected the positivity!

Maprilynne said...

It just doesn't pay to be bitter. Go Pat!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Beautiful post! And congrats on # 10!