Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!***###@@@!!!***###@@@!!!***###AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIRBORNE


On January first all thoroughbreds become one year older no matter what their birth date. Airborne has owned me for over 20 years. In his younger days he was the Hawaii State Jumper Champion for years. He's done it all...
Combined Training and Dressage.

Hunters and Jumpers.

Whatever I've asked him to do he has done willingly with a flair all his own. We've been in clinics with George Morris, Greg Best, Victor Hugo Vidal, Sally O'Connor, General Burton among others...and Airborne has wowed them all.
He has his own unique style. Unmistakable.In a class by himself.A horse in a million.
The four and a half foot fences he used to jump are now cross rails. His canter is a bit stiff and his trot somewhat uneven. But he's still going strong.
And I still learn from him. He takes each day at a time. Appreciates that carrot in his feed tub and a roll in soft grass. He rumbles and nickers when I drive up and already recognizes my new car.
When I make my resolutions for 2008 I've decided to be more like Airborne.
To be thankful for what I have instead of yearning for what I don't.
To do everything possible to excel and never let those who depend on me, down.
To look for those carrots in unlikely places.
And take time to relax and just roll.
So how about you? What are your New Years Resolutions?
This just in: London, England. Heathrow Airport Borders.
Sent by a vigilant blogger.

My loyal but honest husband made me add several more New Years Resolutions:
Stop googling my name obsessively (Note: I am not obsessive -- I just have to do it every thirty minutes).
Stop leaving the sponge in the bottom of the sink all wet and gushy (in my defense since I use it as a cat weapon it has to stay gushy for optimum effect).
Refrain from mentioning anything remotely to do with publishing for at least five minutes out of a 24 hour day (Hey...people are interested... aren't they...hey hey come back! Hey why are they all walking away?).
Have a fabulous 2008 everyone!


Mary said...

Happy New Year!

And Happy Birthday to Airborne. The second picture grabbed me –- what beauty!

Resolution: Stay true to myself.

Kim Stagliano said...

Happy Birthday to Airborne! Happy New Year, Patricia. Resolutions? I'm not much for resolutions though I do have a work list/wish list/kid list. If I had to make a resolution I think it would be to let go and trust a little more. 2007 was a wonderful year for me, and I couldn't have planned much of it. So, in 2008 I shall wander about aimlessly and wait for manna to drop into my lap. Wait, maybe too "let go'ish?" Come back to New York soon won't you?

D. Robert Pease said...

What a beautiful horse. I agree that the second photo really blew me away, not only for the scenic background (do you realize how lucky you are to live somewhere like that?) but Airborne looks absolutely magnificent in that shot. What a horse!

Have a great New Year Pat, it'll be hard for you to top 2007!

Church Lady said...

Those are beautiful pics!!!
I don't make resolutions, but last year I wanted to stay atop a galloping horse without falling off. (Yep, did this in the deserts of Dubai)

I would soooo love to jump! maybe.... They have excellent and affordable stables in Dubai that offer lessons for all levels.

Happy New Year, and please give your horse extra carrots!

Manic Mom said...

Continued Weight Loss.
Continued Loving of my children.
Continued Loving of my husband.

I think that about covers it.

Not much.

Happy New Year; Happy Birthday Airborne. (Is it Aiborne as in the title? or Airborne?)

Holly Kennedy said...

Happy 2008
Happy Bday to Airborne.

Resolution: I'm going to reshape 2008 based on this statement:

Same behavior, same results.

If I want different results (in my career, at home, or with myself) I need to make changes. The concept is simple, the application far more difficult.

ORION said...

I added something since the other bloggers commented.
It's too fun to have people all over the world sending me photos!
Yes our cross country course at Kualoa was spectacular- It was where they filmed part of Jurassic Park. Remember the log they all hid behind watching the dinosaurs? That was our last jump on the cross country course.

Mary said...

Wow. Great photo from Heathrow!

As I suspected: Southerners get all the good books before we in the north! ;)

Chumplet said...

My husband doesn't say those things out loud but I'm sure he's thinking them.

Airborne is a noble steed and looks pretty sharp for his age. I remember my first and only foray into show jumping at a little riding school. After a summer of lessons, I participated in the year-end 'show'. I was the only adult in the bunch.

I rode the only geriatric horse on the farm. Scooter was thirty years old and had a sway back that guaranteed I wouldn't fall off him. I almost got lost on the course, I had to flap my arms and legs to get him going, and everyone had a good laugh.

Adrienne said...

Happy new year Pat! And happy birthday airborne!

My resolutions: to write book 3. To relax a bit and enjoy the ride. And to not get jealous of Pat when I see pictures of full book displays of her novel at Heathrow airport! Seriously Pat, that is so awesome!

Carleen Brice said...

This was hilarious! Good thing your husband doesn't know my husband or I'd be in trouble! :)

Happy Googling...er, I mean Happy New Year!

L.C.McCabe said...

Stop Googling yourself. Let Google do it for you.

Check out Google alerts:


Just enter your name as the search terms and you can have it set up for whatever frequency you prefer. It sounds to me like you'll choose "as it happens."

Cheers and Happy New Year!


Merry Jelinek said...

Just dropped in to wish you a happy new year and look at the wonderful post you've put up!!! Happy Birthday to Airborne, that is a beautiful horse!!! And the photo from England is fabulous - Congratulations!!!!

No New Year's Resolutions for me this year... but I love the ones you listed... maybe we should all take time to enjoy the carrots.

moonrat said...

happy new year! hope your 2008 is as awesome as 2007!!!!!

Melissa Marsh said...

Oooh, awesome photo in the London airport! You're global now! :-)

Hope you have a wonderful 2008, Pat!

Nadine said...

Happy 2008 Patricia! May this year bring you many more wonderful things! And Happy Birthday to Airborne!

Val Cox said...

Airborne has it right, I'm going with these two.

"To look for those carrots in unlikely places.
And take time to relax and just roll."

Happy new year and happy birthday! Val

Church Lady said...

That is one awesome photo of your book!!! Congratulations! Love the bystander too.

Bernita said...

When you next rub your hand along Airborne's silky neck, whisper a Happy Birthday from me.
May 2008 be as glorious for you as 2007, Pat.

John Elder Robison said...

Happy New Year to you too.

Pretty slick book display, too.


Heidi the Hick said...

Happy Birthday Airborne, you magnificent, gorgeous, wonderful horse!

Pat, he is awesome. You've taken such good care of him. I feel so happy for you that you've had such a long life with this horse! Here's to more horse birthdays!!!

My resolution is same as last year: go to bed before 11. The rest should fall into place...

The Anti-Wife said...

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Airborne,
Happy birthday to you!

I resolve to make no resolutions. That way I can't beat myself up for not accomplishing them.

Trish Ryan said...

The gushy sponge/cat weapon comment will have me laughing all week!

Happy Birthday Airborne, congrats on the Heathrow display, and please ignore the suggested resolution about not talking about publishing...we're interested :)

Ello said...

Happy New year and Happy birthday to Airborne! What a beauty!

And good luck with the resolutions!

Demon Hunter said...

Happy Birthday, Airborne and Happy New Years to Pat and everyone! I hope you have an awesome 2008! :*)

J Jordan said...

Happy New Year! Good luck with your resoloutions. My resoloutions are to learn more sign language, and to paint more.

I was a pleasure reading your novel. I was happy to give it a 5 out of 5!

Thanks for the comment!

Maprilynne said...

Wow! That shelf in the airport is AWESOME!!!!!!

Morgan Dempsey said...

Happy Birthday to Airborne :) I don't know much about horses, but wow, just beautiful!

My resolution (which you may have seen since you stumbled across my blog) is to read 50 books this year.

And I'll have you know: Lottery is on that list! I may bump it up in the queue now ;)

ORION said...

Yeah Airborne really looks good for his age- I will send him everyone's greetings when I go out this afternoon.
I have added a couple more...limit net surfing...limit caffeine...limit alcohol...limit chocolate...throw out limits...
anti wife - the more resolutions you make the more chance you have of actually keeping one LOL!

Usman said...

Loved those pics.
And doesnt Heathrow look a much prettier place.

Sustenance Scout said...

Oh my, so glad I stopped by! LOVE the photos of Airborne, of your books (!!), of your Christmas surprises. Also love the Ray Bradbury quotes. What's NOT to love about your blog, hmmm? :) Happy 2008! K.

Patry Francis said...

The horse is gorgeous, and that bookrack in the airport is every writer's dream. I'm so happy for all the happy air travelers who are about to fall in love with Perry.

inherwritemind1 said...

Airborne is a great name for a beautiful horse. As a kid I was insane for horses. Still am, but I've settled for smaller mammals (dogs).

Glad you found my blog via Merry and thanks for your comments :-)

Aloha and Happy New Year!


Kanani said...

Wow, those are really great photos.

My only resolution is to live well and love others.

Wendy Roberts said...

Happy New Year, Pat! Wishing you joy and success.

Oh and I agree that you should let google alerts to the obsessing for you. It's easier that way :)

Bookfool said...

Airborne is beautiful. Happy Belated birthday to him . . . it was "him", right? If I'm wrong about that, please forgive. And, Happy New Year! And, wow, great display - definitely a must-read. Those Brits know their books.

ORION said...

I DO have google alerts but it doesn't catch everything- really and truly. It doesn't.
I have

Michelle O'Neil said...

Airborne is beautiful.

Cat weapons? I need cat weapons. One of ours won't leave my plants alone!

Awesome airport display! Awesome book!

Happy New Year!

Danette Haworth said...

Airborne is a beautiful horse.