Wednesday, December 05, 2007


One minute ORION was bobbing softly to the normal trades and the next the wind gusted over 35 knots.
Touloose and I slept through it.
Gordon woke up and put a few more lines on.

The next morning trees and telephone poles were pick up sticks, roads were flooded, Airborne and Baby Horse's wooden tack shed blew over.
It wasn't the howling wind the next day.
Or the debris in the harbor. The raging surf.
That made me break out into a cold sweat.
It was:
Could not blog. Could not surf net and google myself. I actually had to write.
So on another note: I will be leaving tomorrow for SAN FRANCISCO (can't say that city without hearing the Village People).
Going to do some stock signing. Eat some great sourdough bread. See JERSEY BOYS.
Oh yeah.
Touloose is in charge while we are gone.
I just don't remember ordering a Keg but he said I did...


Kanani said...

If Toulouse is going to be blogging while you're away, we're all in very big trouble.

Sustenance Scout said...

LOL! That would be fun to read.

Safe travels! K.

Danette Haworth said...

Talk about going cold turkey!

Church Lady said...

Glad you came through your NIA period still intact. Just remember, help is only a click away. Er, phone call away.

Can you pass along my RSVP to Touloose. And yes, I will be bringing the Margarita Man.

Have fun!!

Janna said...

Wow. You poor, dear woman. Are you okay? One would think life ends without internet access. I shudder to think of it...

Maprilynne said...

No internet access . . . I am breaking into a cold seat just thinking about it!!! *shiver* Glad you came out the other side (relatively) unscathed!

Chumplet said...

When you find the jewelled kitty collar under the cushions, it'll be time to sit Toulouse down for a serious talk.

Bookfool said...

It's rough, I know. I had to limit myself to 1-2 hours a day (when I could get to it) at Burger King - yes, Burger King - for three weeks. That first few days when I couldn't find a place to get access . . . oh, killer misery. I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Have a fun and safe journey! I'll be in your home territory, next week. I'm ready to warm my toes in the sand.

Anonymous said...'re going to my home town! I'm so jealous! Let me know if you need any restaurant recommendations. I've given Lottery to 8 people and am always so happy for them to read it. Have a wonderful trip and come see us in Kona sometime. Lindsey

Lynilu said...

Gee, you sound excited! LOL!

Have a good trip, and I'll email Toulouse and let him know that we won't tell you what he says in the blog while your away. You know, while the cat's away, the ..... wait, that doesn't work. While the human's away .... no, not the right ring to it. Oh, never mind!!

The Writers' Group said...

Have a great time in San Francisco! If I didn't live here, I'd be there in a heartbeat. Enjoy every moment!


Holly Kennedy said...

See? I'm FOREVER spotty with my internet access, as you know - down for two days, up for an hour, etc. Forget the storm, isn't it a horrible feeling not being able to pick up email?

Nadine said...

I can totally relate. Over here on Maui, we lost our electricity for 39 hours – it just came back on early this morning. It’s amazing how much I depend on the internet – I felt totally lost and stranded without any contact to the outside world. Glad to be back on line! Although bummed because we went to Costco this weekend and all our food is ruined…

Kimber An said...

Maybe God was intervening to make sure you wrote your quota that day.

The Anti-Wife said...

Pat? Pat who? Toulouse honey, I'm bringing the rum!

Steve Malley said...

what a bloody awesome adventure!