Thursday, November 29, 2007


THIS CONTEST IS FOR BOB THE BETA READER. You see he really wants to re read this thriller but he can't remember the author or the title (no surprise there) - he barely remembers the plot but this is what he thinks it's about:

"The one where a guy comes upon a car wreck, and rescues a damsel in distress, and almost goes to bed with her, but later finds out she is his long lost daughter, and then he and his daughter try to foil a plot by an evil villan who has created a killer hurricane that will wipe out the entire East Coast of the US unless the government drops a nuclear bomb in the exact eye of the hurricane to rip it apart, which would be a happy ending except that our hero and his daughter are in a mini-sub in the eye of the hurricane as the bomb is just about to be dropped, but are saved by a nearby US Submarine which hovers over them to protect them from the effects of the blast.
No kidding, this is a true story, or at least a real fictional story that I barely remember reading.
Wandering Star Bob."
Gee...You can't MAKE this stuff up.
What beta BoB wants...Beta Bob gets...


The meeting to discuss LOTTERY was held on Vickie's boat - Not too shabby.

The company was way too fun and the discussion lively. They all volunteered to be the beta reader book club for book number two. I promised to put all their names in my book - They want to help me defend my title of being the Putnam author with the longest acknowledgment pages
I am STILL not satisfied...
Anyway I was blown away by the questions and they read some of their favorite parts in LOTTERY.
My head now is unable to fit through the companionway door so I'm sleeping in the cockpit tonight...
Good night.
And Aloha.
PS (Don't forget to enter the contest.)


Whiskey Sierra Brovo said...

Oh Wow Pat. Thanks so much for helping me find this book.

However, I think we might have a problem.

Considering that I may have read the book about a year to a year and a half ago, and that I have probably read about 200 to 300 books since then. What happens if one of your bloggers suggests a book title, and I re-read it but can't be sure whether it's the right book or just one with a similar plot?

Are you still willing to give away signed copies of Lottery for maybes or close calls?

Wandering Star Bob.

Kimber An said...

Oh, lots of cool fun!

Don't forget - this is the last down of our Cyber-Launch Book Party for DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES at

You can also get there by clicking on my username or avatar.

Ello said...

OK - I'll try to find out the answer. And I am still wanting to be a beta for you! Don't forget!


ORION said...

Oh Bob you have such little faith in the blogging community! They so TOTALLY ROCK I'm sure we will find that exact book!!

Zany Mom said...

Well, I found a 1955 broadcast with a similar theme titled Target Hurricane...but no books. But then, I'm working. Sort of. Okay, maybe not. My boss is a real b*tch...

Chumplet said...

For a guy with a bad short term memory, Bob really provided us with lots of details, didn't he? Hi Bob! Read my next book!

Manic Mom said...

Hey, if you're taking volunteers for beta-book-readers for #2, sign me up!!!

And I Have no idea what the thriller is. I was gonna say Misery, but it's a girl rescuing a guy. So, not that one!

Zany Mom said...

Is this it?

Category 7 by Bill Evans and Marianna Jameson, Forge, 2007, $24.95, ISBN 978-0-7653-1735-3

I was expecting this to be a disaster novel but even though there’s a disaster in it, that’s not what it’s about. Carter Thompson is a billionaire who has secretly been working on a weather control project. He’s also violently opposed to nuclear power plants. When he tries to pressure the rather unpleasantly vile President of the US, he fails and that and other events push him toward using his power to create a super hurricane. The violence of the ensuing storm is aggravated by the fact that a secret, government sponsored weather control team has been interfering with normal weather for some time. The result is a devastating hurricane beyond anything previously experienced, which permanently alters the Eastern seacoast. Evans is a meteorologist, so one assumes that the science is viable.

But the story really isn’t about the storm, which we don’t see at close hand until three quarters of the way through the book, and then only in brief snatches. The story is in fact a fairly routine thriller with Thompson descending into madness and murder, the President dithering, and various other characters caught between the two, trying to figure out what is going on. As a thriller, it’s pretty good; as a disaster novel, it’s much less interesting. 8/6/07

Zany Mom said...

Or was it The Weathermakers by Ben Bova?

...procrastinating on a Saturday...

Zany Mom said...

Okay, it really sounds like Category 7 by Evans & Jameson:

Book Description
A Category 4 hurricane, with winds of up to 155 miles per hour, tears roofs off buildings, smashes windows and doors, and can send floodwaters up to the second floor. Evacuation is suggested for up to six miles inland.

Hurricane Katrina was a Category 4 when she made landfall.

Hurricane Simone is a Category 7—the biggest, strongest storm in recorded history. When she hits New York City, skyscrapers will fall. Subways and tunnels will flood. Lower Manhattan and much of Queens and Brooklyn will disappear under more than thirty feet of water.

All along the Eastern Seaboard, towns and cities are being evacuated as wind-driven rain lashes the coast and storm surges crash through seawalls. Roads are packed with fleeing motorists whose cars are jammed with every personal possession that can be crammed in, plus family members, friends, and beloved pets. A huge natural disaster is brewing in the Atlantic.

Except that Simone isn’t natural. She’s the product of rogue weather science being wielded by billionaire Carter Thompson as part of a personal vendetta against US President Winslow Benson. Once Carter wanted to bring rain to the desert and feed the starving peoples of the planet. Now he wants to show Benson—and the rest of the world—just how powerful wind and water can be.

If technology created Simone, perhaps technology can stop her. It’s up to Kate Sherman, once a member of Carter’s weather team; and Jake Baxter, a weatherman for the CIA, to try, using a secret US Navy weapon. The catch? It has to be deployed inside the hurricane.

Kim Stagliano said...

Wow, an actual boatload of fans! Very cool, Pat.

Holly Kennedy said...

Looks like this one was a fun book club chat, Pat. Good for you!
I have yet to get fed at any of mine :(

Sustenance Scout said...

LOL, a boatload. Very funny Kim!

No help from me on the missing title mission, just a funny coincidence stopping by here right after a beta reader conversation with the pajama gardener Carleen and Judy "Ann" Merrill Larsen. Small world! K.

p.s. Pat, I LOVE the idea of book club members reading from their favorite sections of your book! Did they offer to do that or did you suggest it?

ORION said...

No they all did it on their own - How cool is that?

Whiskey Sierra Bravo said...

Zany Mom,

Catagory 7 sounds like one I'd really like, but it's probably not the one. According to Amazon it was copy righted in 2007 and is only available in hard baack. The one I read was paper back, and probably published before 2007.

It doesn't sound like the Weather Makers either.


Wandering Star Bob.

Whiskey Sierra Bravo said...


I'd be happy to be a beta reader for you too.


Wandering Star Bob

Zany Mom said...

Okay, Beta Bob, How 'bout:

VERTICAL DIVE by Michael DiMercurio c 2005:
As hurricane Helen barrels in toward the Virginia coastline, the U.S. Navy’s Commander-in-Chief Atlantic Fleet orders all vessels to scramble to sea, including Burke Dillinger’s Hampton and Peter Vornado’s Texas.
But this is no mere storm evacuation.

There is something sinister going on in the eastern Atlantic. The Navy’s eyes are on the ballistic missile submarine force, the “boomer” submarines loaded to the gills with intercontinental nuclear warheads. And the French boomer submarine Le Vigilant has “gone bad,” hijacked by an Algerian terrorist with dreams of completing the circle of revenge and using French nuclear weapons on the French who killed his father.

As terrorist Issam Zauabri’s forces learn how to employ the nuclear missiles, Vornado’s Texas and Dillinger’s Hampton close in on the threat, but Issam knows how to use torpedoes as well as he does the missiles, and Le Vigilant is one of the quietest submarines ever built. Once the American subs are on the bottom, his attack can proceed on Paris, but since it was Americans who interfered, Issam will save one missile for New York…

wiskey sierra bravo said...

Zany Mom,

Wow, your finding all kinds of great books for me. Actually, I think I have read Vertical Dive, I've read most of Dimercurio's books, but I don't think he wrote the book in question.


Wandering Star Bob

Zany Mom said...

Bob, I think you're just forgetting what you read, LOL.

How 'bout: Category 5 by Phillip S. Donlay

Book Description
In the Atlantic Ocean, hurricane Helena is gathering strength, becoming the most powerful storm in recorded history. As Helena bears down on Bermuda, Donovan Nash and other members of the scientific research organization Eco-Watch are called to fly in and extract key government people who have been studying Helena. For Nash, the routine mission turns deadly when an attempt is made on the life of the lead scientist--and a woman from his past--Dr. Lauren McKenna. In a bold attempt to diffuse the power of the hurricane, Eco-Watch is called upon to conduct a final flight above the massive fury of Helena.

Zany Mom said...

State of Fear by Michael Crichton?

wiskey sierra bravo said...

Zany Mom,

Catagory 5 may be the one! I've got to find a copy and re-read it to be sure, but I think you found it.

Wandering Star Bob

Mariah said...

Good words.