Thursday, October 18, 2007




I miss Miss Snark.
I miss Buffy Squirrel and following her back to her hole. I miss Bill E. Goat and M G Tarquini when the wit flew thick and heavy.
I miss Anon. I miss Clueless Anon. I miss Snarky Anon. I miss Nitwit Anon.
And I miss Anon Number 512.
I miss getting up in the morning going online and immediately having to clean the coffee off my keyboard before I can start my work for the day.
I miss the camaraderie.
I miss the glamour.
The quality of charisma.
I miss all that.
And more.
I miss Miss Snark
I miss being a part of a club.
I miss being a part of the group.
I miss nuking the scammers.
I miss saving another snarkling from the clutches of nefarious BB (and we know who you are)
I miss fiction novels.
I miss cluegun.
I miss guaranteed best seller.
I miss urban-romance-thriller-mystery-fantasy only with vampires and butt weasels ala Stephen King.
I miss the crapometer.
I miss gin.
I miss yanno.
I miss wtf.
I miss dear dog.
I miss clueless.
I miss have a clue.
I miss get a clue.
I miss Miss Snark.
And her little dog too.
I miss it.


Gina Black said...

Me too.

And now what am I supposed to do with a Clooney sighting? :sigh:

Jenna Glatzer said...

Sweet. I miss her, too.

Maprilynne said...

*le sigh*

Me three. And she was just so . . . je ne sais qua . . . there's no replacing her.

Ello said...

You know, every morning and every night I would check in on Miss Snark religiously. When she left us, I was at a loss. Didn't know what to do at all. I still have her website page on my favorites. Out of habit I still click there and see Killer Yapp's cute vicious face. To fill the black hole she left, I started blogging. But it just isn't the same. Who else will tell me when I'm being a directionless blatherer?

Stephen Parrish said...

I miss her too. And you know what? I think she misses us. I'm holding out for a triumphant return.

Welshcake said...


I miss her too. Her unique mix of Snark and warmth made her blog such a great read.

C'mon Miss Snark, it's Christmas soon. How about a little gift blog for us? We''ll buy the gin!

December/Stacia said...

I know, I miss her too. Sigh.

Has anyone heard from her? I know KY's email addy still works...but no response.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Michelle O'Neil said...

A beautiful tribute! It was so generous of her to blog.

Ric said...

sigh - left alone and clueless since she's been gone. even removed the keyboard cover. Just not the same. no one to read the first five pages and give me not one, but two, WTF

we are all poorer.

Church Lady said...

Sounds like a project, Orion.
You need to organize a "Miss Snark" day, and get the word out. Host it on your blog. Post some of the funnier messages from her blog. Prizes, gin, hell--it's gotta happen on a Friday or Saturday night.
Let's have a blogging party!!
You go girl! You can do it!

Zany Mom said...

What prompted this post? Have you succumbed to nitwittery??

Word Verification: nbadkoo Sounds ominous.

Precie said...

I miss her too. Wonderful tribute.

I miss the beverage alerts. The clue gun. The wisdom.

Gina Black said...

Sounds like we need to have a Snarkling Reunion.

Melissa Marsh said...

I always loved popping in and seeing what Miss Snark had to say. Maybe she WILL come back...

ORION said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ORION said...

I don't care who she is "really"- She is Miss Snark.
She will always be Miss Snark.
I don't want guesses - I don't want surmises. Just like I want Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and the serial scrubber back.
(AND I DIDN'T want to know they were my parents.)
((well not the serial scrubber))

Zany Mom said...

Yes, it doesn't matter if XYZ agent really *IS* Miss Snark. Without the rest of the persona, the razor-sharp wit, the Clooney swoons, and the clue gun, it just ain't the same as THE Miss Snark. Yanno?

Sarah Miller said...

Damn straight. I say "dear dog" and people look at me like I'm nuts. *sigh*

Kim Stagliano said...

Sniff. And I hadn't thought about her all day! Miss Snark gaved us all a safe spot to be, well, Snarky. You just can't do that on the other agent blogs, no matter how wonderful they are. Snark was the only place to let your hair down, assuming it was on fire. I am holding in my Snark and it's getting kind of painful. I'm afraid of where, when and HOW it's going to bust out....

MAYBE a holiday post from her? An infrequent, "I'm still here, still Snarky." One day I hope to smell that faint whiff of gin at my keyboard and know, just know, I can click that Favorites Button and find something other than KY's face staring at me.

Anonymous said...

All I want for X-mas is a crapometer.

ORION said...

All I want for Christmas is a Crapometer AND a cluegun.

Janet said...

I'll join the chorus. I do believe she's still blogging under her real name, and I love that blog too, but she can't let it all hang loose the same way she did behind an assumed name. Still, enough of the wit gets through to keep me going. And there's also re-reading the archives.

Detail Muse said...

What all of you said? Me, too.

writtenwyrdd said...

Evil Editor isn't snarky, but it is funny as hell. But I do miss her particular brand of good-humored vitriol. An oxymoron that actually worked...

Kim dreams said...

Maybe if we all pick one day and run "COME BACK MISS SNARK!" and she (or he) sees a lot of writing blogs begging and offering Gin and Fire Extinguishers and that coffee Snark loves (can't remember the name) and a donation to firefighters and a date with Clooney and a promise to never ever ever start a query letter with "Dear Agent" and a limerick in her honor, she'll run a post for the holidays. Maybe even the "Twelve Days of Snark!" Twelve query rejects, Eleven writers fleeing.....

Katrina Stonoff said...

I miss her too. Though I don't have an agent yet, I did feel I had an agent in my corner.

Now? Not so much. Sigh.

Travis Erwin said...

You are not alone.

lucypick said...

Oh me too. And Rabbitania. And Brady Westwater in the vat. And maybe I miss the poems most of all. And I don't think she's coming back.

I was just a lurker, though I did get in the last crapometer. Mostly now, I just want to thank her. Does anyone know if the killer yap e-mail does reach her?

ME said...

I miss the stillettos, the bucket of gin,
the high-tech grand dog, the soul
of wit delivered daily again and again
on that little literary blog.

I can’t write a sonnet
how much I miss the Snark,
her shoes, her bonnet
and her helpful clue gun.
I want to run away from
the lovely memory from
which I will never stray,
even in the dark, without a spark,
I would strain my eyes
to read a few wise
phrases from Miss Snark.
But don’t ask for any more
From time, than time
has to give a lark.
Oh! I was such a sap
for that Killer Yapp.

One fine day, three kings
in a perfect storm will alight
upon oceans 11, 12 and 13
Oh Brother, good luck and good night.

yea, I miss 'er too!

LadyBronco said...

I miss her terribly as well.

I am always searching her blog for clues so I don't make a nitwit of myself.

Gay said...

She certainly shortened the list of ways that I will find to screw up... because I crossed every one she remarked upon off my list of possibilities. Unfortunately, I suspect I am even more creative than she could imagine. Sigh...

She left me too soon. (It's about me, always about me. :wink:)

Thank goodness for the archives. When I'm really desperate, I'll go take a peek. But it isn't... the... same.

The Anti-Wife said...

Amen to all of the above!

Come back, Miss Snark! Please!

Anonymous said...

I miss her, too. She was truly one-of-a-kind.

Brady Westwater said...

Oh, God - now I'm depressed! What a wonderful - if somewhat.. dysfunctional... family we were. I still stop by from time to time to browse - right after I do some laps in my vat.

And those great videos! Still watch them from time to time.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I know exactly where you're coming from! :-(

Everyone who used to leave posts there, including those who posted only once in a while (like me), have now been scattered to the winds of the Internet.

Buffy Squirrel pops in a lot over at Evil Editor's blog, and there are other former Miss Snark posters over there. (Look over at Elektra's Crapometer, too.)

::sigh:: Each weekday I'd log onto the Internet, and the very first site I'd go to was Miss Snark.



(I'm too lazy today to log into Blogger, heh.)

~Nancy said...

Dammit, now you made me sign into Blogger and post on this very same thing! ;-) How dare you! ;-)


~Nancy said...

Just like I want...the serial scrubber back.

::evil laugh::

Chumplet said...

Now you've gone and done it. A cold, long winter ahead of us with no Miss Snark. Oh, the bleakness of it all.

We really, really should arrange a Miss Snark Pity Party. Maybe on a chat somewhere.

ORION said...

Wow it looks like I hit a chord.
I see a comment every so often here and there by miss snark.
Just enough to give us hope.
Nothing stronger than variable reinforcement...

Manic Mom said...

What a GREAT post! I wish she would ressurrect! (SP?)

Maybe we can all kidnap George Clooney and make him get her to start up her blog again!

Carrie said...

I miss her too. A lot. I do see her pop up now and again, commenting on blogs. Congratulating authors who have gone on to great things after starting out on her crapometer. Her leaving has left a big whole that hasn't been filled yet. I do wish she were back, but I'm afraid it will never be like before. Sniff.

lucypick said...

brady! You're here! That's so cool!

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark has been sighted on other blogs? I must live under a rock...haven't seen them. Sigh...

Brady Westwater said...

Yes, I am here - spurs and all - as all the scatterd Snarklings regroup. And does Miss Snark post under as 'Snark'?

And what's new with everyone?

Alley Splat said...

Oh yeah, me too. I miss her a lot. Build Your Own Snarkasm just doesn't cut it...

fairyhedgehog said...

I miss Miss Snark.

I came too late to the party and found the blog closed. I read through the archives, including the comments. And I want to weep that I was too late to offer even one tiny little comment.

I love Evil Editor but he is not Miss Snark and there is room in the world for both. Or there was.

Am I allowed to be a Snarkling for the purpose of the tribute or did you really have to be there? If so, I really will cry.

Anonymous said...

Don't we all?