Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Be thinking about this question as you read...

Alderwood Barnes and Noble is just SO clever! Look at this totally cool display!

All those crinkly pieces of paper are old lottery tickets.
They have this hand written sign taped on the window...

The building.

My last reading was at UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE in Mill creek.
The people:

They are all UBER booksellers there.I gave them a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts so they were very happy I came.
I met more bloggers and AW'ers and talked about LOTTERY and writing and cabbages and kings...

And then.

My room in Mukilteo helped me not miss ORION. I did still miss the muses and Gordon.
I had fun looking out the window.

And I got to thinking.
And watching.
And listening.
Which can be useful as a writer.
Those guys in wetsuits are attached to long lines that supply air - They're learning to be technical divers. Lots of cool machinery and dials. Lots of standing around drinking coffee. Those divers are sent out to practice being underwater. You see you don't know if you can handle it until you do it...
The key to being a writer is to...
You need lots of hours underwater to be a diver.
And you need lots of butt in chair to be a writer.
And sometimes?
You find really cool stuff.
Any questions?


Gay said...

Way cool post and love the pix! Especially the one from the bookstore. Hugs to the kitties and Gordon--hope they don't punish you too much when you get home again!

I've had to fly more than I'd like lately, and I'm amazed at how much I can get done with an iPod playing in my ears, and an old fashioned yellow pad and pen (I write better, I've found, if I use colored ink, as long as it isn't red. Go figure.)

I also keep my dragonfly with me. Things happen since: first class upgrades, exit row seats, doors open, meet the right people. I think I got the one with the magic in its wings. :D

Omar Cruz said...
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Zany Mom said...

What, did I win a trip to Costa Rica? How did you know?? :D

Sounds like a cool trip. Have fun!

Mindy Tarquini said...

and is really good written

*rolls eyes*

ORION said...

And THAT'S what happens to SPAM on my blog comments!!!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Yup it was fun and now I'm paying the penalty - Laundry.
Pissed off muses.
No food in fridge.
And mass quantities of "stuff" to put away.

Lisa R said...

Well my cats ALWAYS punish me. They are angry in proportion to how long I was gone as well. Smart cats! Are yours in the suitcase again?

Holly Kennedy said...

What a great window display at that B&N book store, Pat.
Too fun!

Slithering back to my hole to write...

LadyBronco said...

My dog refuses to eat if I am gone longer than a day, so I hear ya on the pissed-off muse thing!

(I always have to bring him a new toy when I get back or he stays mad for days)

Wendy Roberts said...

Pat I absolutely LOVED those crinkled lottery tickets! What a unique idea.
(Waves to Holly)

Anonymous said...

Hurray for creative booksellers. That window display is great.

David L. McAfee said...

That display is nice. What a nifty idea to promote the book. Hats off to that store.

Sounds like you are enjoying yourself, Pat. Good for you :) I'm still waiting to hear you are coming to TN (hint hint) so I can get my copy of Lottery signed. I know, I know...I have the ARC. :)

Josephine Damian said...

Pat: Cool idea about the lottery tickets in the store display.

Question: What I've been wondering is what are your plans for completing your PhD? I ask because I'm up to my neck in grad school homework and resenting it even more since I'd rather be writing.

The only thing that keeps me going is the satisfaction I'll get seeing that diploma hanging on the wall, and the hope and plan that it'll be my ticket to working criminal investigations - all a long way off, and I still have to climb this mountain of homework to get there.

Are you planning to return to school now that your writing career has taken off?

Gay: I too have seen my luck steadily increase since I got some dragonfly talismans. But carry my little iron desk paperweight around with me when I leave the house? Hmmmm.. I just might do that. Or maybe get a pin like Pat wears!

Carleen Brice said...

Amen on the butt-to-chair! Picked up Lottery yesterday and I'm a little mad at you: I'm so worried about Perry I'm tempted to do something I never do and jump ahead to read the ending just to make sure he's OK. :)

ORION said...

Carleen don't you dare!!!
One page at a time!
Re: PhD I am off to KUY. 407 to talk to a creative writing class at UH...I'm still enrolled in the program but whatever happens - happens.
As far as traveling for LOTTERY - there are places I'd love to go (esp. to meet bloggers): TN, COL, Ill,AZ ,CA, EC (east coast) and Canada... not to mention the UK.
We will see. During the mid winter it's hard to pry me away from Hawaii.

Unknown said...

Love the window display.......

Problem with bums on chairs is that before long bum fills chair!

Kimber Li said...

What an imaginative display! Sounds like you're having fun, Pat. Keep up the good work.

John Robison said...

The dragonflies seem to be working for all of us. Cool display. Woof!

Michelle Zink said...

I think I have the butt in chair part down pretty good!

Great post, Pat!