Saturday, September 01, 2007


Manky Sue from Australia was so stressed the last day that she put her slippers on backwards.

But yanno...that may be the way they do it down under.

This is our entire class from the retreat.
I retired undefeated: Another win in the worse sentence contest.

As Stanley blasted into space he was euphoric -- those other scientists who laughed and humiliated him day after day for his conservative and out moded ideas would have to eat their words; he did it-- proved beyond the shadow of a doubt the survival pod did NOT contain enough ox—

And my sentence which did not win.
She sang like a bird; not the trilling warbling variety found flying through the air and landing in the trees but more like the marshmallow peep kind found on store shelves during Easter.

Another fabulous group led by our fearless leader Karen Joy Fowler -- One of the BEST instructors a writer could work with.
Mahalo Karen and Aloha.

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