Thursday, September 06, 2007


"It's not warm when she's away..."


She's back and we know how to make her stay. We are tag teaming her back pack. If she cannot use it to bring stuff when she travels then she cannot travel.
Oh oh.
Here she comes...
Aloha Bloggers and Blogger readers. How come there's fur all over my keyboard?
80 degrees outside and 8:30 pm.
75 degrees inside ORION.
Because ORION now has air conditioning and now I have no excuse not to write in the middle of a hot afternoon.
Today I had great fun via SKYPE with a readers group in Orlando, Florida.
Julie, Carla, Tammy, Mitzi, Meagan, JoAnn, Loraine, Liz , Kim, Barbara, Pam and me chatted and gabbed for over an hour. I could tell they were eating good things that they were not sharing with me.
Good questions were asked by all. It is interesting as an author to hear what readers have to say. I find it fascinating. Some of the discussions we had centered around the inspiration for my characters and what incidents in my life helped create LOTTERY. We also talked about Perry and his ability to remember words and definitions. In teaching we learn that many students "parrot" their mentors and make meaning out of new material by attaching it to prior knowledge. This is what Perry does (albeit with humor).
We talked about possible sequels (still in the mulling-over stage). And my next projects (something I'm superstitious of going into detail about).
I won't mention any other questions for fear of spoilers but it did make me realize how often I have wanted to talk to an author after I read a book I particularly like.
So if anyone knows John Irving?
I'd really like to chat to him about Owen Meany...


Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

I have an embarrassing John Irving and the newbie story. Short version? He's a close friend with one of my dearest friend's dad. They were college roommates. My friend called him. He gave me a contact at Random House when I was first starting to query. The brightness of my green sort of got in my way..... I cringe!

Kimber Li said...

Oh, Touloose, you sweet thing. I've always wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance in Disney's Aristocats when you were a kitten. I just knew you were destined for an Oscar. Even though your life didn't take that path, it's good to see you took another worthy path - Muse to an Author. I'm still hoping to trade in my muse, the Old Hag, for a cat like you. Or, maybe the Old Hag could get a cat. I don't know. I suppose I shouldn't complain. I did just get my first request for a full. I don't know. Should I just shut-up and be thankful for the muse I have? Should I keep trying to trade her in for a cart? Or, maybe I should get a cat in addition to the Old Hag?

Thanks a bunch, Touloose. There's nothing like a cat to help a person settle down and just enjoy life.

P.S. Please give Girl Kitty a pat on the head from me.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

By the way, I confirmed yet again that I am not a cat person yesterday. A stray has been prowling our yard for days. I fed the poor thing - in the middle of the lawm, away from the door. Yesterday killer kitty nabbed a chipmunk and I watched the drama unfold. Poor Alvin was limping around the grass trying to get to his little house, crying. Cat would let it go a few feet and then WOMP! right on the head with its paw. Then it chomped it and walked to the woods. Kitty gets NO food today. And I will stop sneezing.

DO your cats keep chipmunks off Orion?

And did you get my photo of Perry at our Library??

Josephine Damian said...

Pat, no worries about visiting the blog - I know how busy you are.

There was a bit of business in "Lottery" that I felt was homage to "Owen Meaney" - I now suspect I was right about that!

I've had several face-to-face encounters with some big name authors, including John Grisham (falls under the category: open mouth, insert foot). I'll write about that on my blog when I get the chance.

Waaaay back in the day, just after "Garp" came out, John Irving did a reading at a local high school. I'd never met a real live author before, so I was keen to go.

I already had big (delusional) dreams about my own impending fame and fortune as a writer - not that I'd actually wrote anything at that point - but when it was my turn to stand before the future legend and get my book signed, he just looked at me with those dreamy, bedroom eyes and I was dumbstruck.

My young heart was beating so fast, I was sure I'd drop dead then and there, ad happily so.

He said, Hi. I said, Hi.
Then we both said, Thanks.

That was it.

I've come a long way since then when it comes to being shy around authors - handsome or otherwise - (Grisham is to die for) maybe cause I've written a book and a screenplay, which certainly demystified the whole process.

Great authors, however legendery, face the blank page with the same fear we unknowns do, and for that reason, I consider us all equals.

Lisa R said...

I'm glad to know that my cats aren't the only ones that refuse to vacate the suitcases once I return from a trip. I really think they figure they can keep me from leaving again! Sigh!

Sarah Miller said...

You said the s-word! ("Sequel") Don't scare me like that....

ORION said...

No worries. A sequel would be FAR down on my list - too many other projects on my plate.
Touloose practices his drama regularly at dinner time..."IIIII'mmmm STARRRRRVING!!!!"

Sabrina Favors said...

No John Irving stories, but I have a pretty good Kate Elliott one (and by good I mean embarassing).

Lucky you with the AC, though. My house has none and even sitting directly in front of the fan, it's still so hot. I'm practically melting into my chair.

Anonymous said...

A sequel would be cool -- watch Perry's relatives squander their wealth and become destitute...while Perry and his savings keeps growing. So in the end Perry wins again and his worthless relatives get what they deserve. Karma's a b*tch, ain't it?


Kanani said...

I had a cat who would curl up in my suitcase whenever I would try to get ready for a business trip. He hated my leaving. He'd do what Toulouse does --tell all his cat friends about what a negligent owner you are, that in fact you were leaving for 24 cat weeks, were leaving him with no food, and also that he was sure you'd bring home a dog.

I moved your books to a front table today. It's at the end of my latest post.