Saturday, August 11, 2007


This is a photograph of me in the Olympic hotel in Seattle.
This is a photograph of me going to bookstores with the amazing and incredible Eileen who takes authors all over Seattle.
These are photographs of me being interviewed for morning radio.
This is a photograph of me preparing for my reading, talk and signing at Elliott Bay Book Company.
These are photographs of the event itself. See the food (wine, cheese and fruit). See the people chatting. See me circulate meeting people and seeing old friends. Here is a picture of me talking.
One would think blogger was being malevolent.
Or cantankerous.
Or spiteful.
Trust me.
I met bloggers and AW ers and other authors.
They took photos too.
Some day you will see them if blogger is willing.
And now?
Tomorrow I am on my way back to Honolulu.
I miss the tradewinds and the Ocean.
And home.
I miss home.


Zany Mom said...

Bummer. :(

Have a safe trip home!

Josephine Damian said...

Uh..... Pat?

Such are the joys of living in Paradise..... NOT!

Looks like you Pacific folks are seeing a lot more hurricane action this year than us Atlantic/Gulf types. No doubt our turn will come again.... soon.

Manic Mom said...

Beautiful photos! THanks for sharing them! I can see them! Really! Just like I can see Perry, and Cherry, and Keith, and the marina, and Gram, and Perry's small apartment above the marina, and I can even picture Keith's boat! I can picture Perry bouncing and being happy...

See, you don't need actual photos to let us readers "see" what's going on.

Manic Mom said...

BTW, I can't remember another book I've ever read where I can visualize and actually KNOW all the character's names in the book. I remember one or two names, but never the whole cast! So you see, who needs photos! : )

Kim Stagliano said...

Will you be able to post Mia (not) holding Lottery in Cuyahoga Falls (not) Ohio? Or (not) Bella??? Our babysitter started Lottery last night. We came home from the party and she was sitting in the hallway of the hotel, outside the door, so she could have plenty of light while the girls slept. She read HALF the book and is HOOKED! Better yet, she's an autism Mom with a biiiiiggggg mouth! Safe travels.

Holly Kennedy said...

Have a safe trip home.

Your pictures are stunning, btw! It's almost like they aren't even there, they're so.... BREATHTAKING.

Therese said...

I know you're bummed but you know what? I love these not-photographs! They're surprisingly effective. :)

Glad it has all gone so well for you (Blogger notwithstanding). Travel safe!

M. G. Tarquini said...

Man! Blogger's not giving me any trouble about uploading pictures...

you forget to pay the bill?

M. G. Tarquini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maprilynne said...

Very, very bad Blogger.

We will be having a very serious talk with Blogger. He will stand in the corner and until he stops throwing this fit.

Hey, it works on my two-year-old.:)

Regardless, I';m sure you had a mah-velous time!

Gay said...

Can you show us the pics later?

Laura said...

I got one photo, but my camera, not blogger, was the cantankerous one, and wouldn't focus, so I couldn't get more than one shot. I posted it on my blog, but it's not fabulous. Dark and blurry. I fixed the red eye, and superimposed my goofy mug from a random picture onto the back of someone's head. Fortunately, I saw someone with a nice camera walking around, so I know you'll have better pictures, but just not on blogger!

I'll vouch for the beautiful food tray and people chatting! Lots of fun! Glad you're home, but enjoyed meeting you and hearing you read in Perry's voice, Patricia!