Thursday, August 02, 2007


Those who live in Hawaii know how to celebrate an occasion like an authors first book signing.
It's a simple recipe: First shake in a few friends like MIA KING who came from the Big Island.

Add a few more good friends as seasonings.

Then several drops of a well managed independent bookstore.

And a dash of:
Enthusiastic author.

Former students.

Eager readers.

Add a gust of tradewinds.
Twenty-three leis.
And bake at 84 degrees in the Hawaiian sun.
Serve while warm.
For dessert?
A wonderful flower arrangement sent to the author from her UBER AGENT Dorian Karchmar and the William Morris Agency.

Repeat as often as necessary until author's novel climbs the bestseller lists.
Any questions?

Bestsellers in Honolulu will be happy to accommodate you.
Either by phone: (808) 528-2378
Or email :


Kim Stagliano said...

Lather. Rinse. REPEAT! No, wait. Double the batch! There, that's foodish. Looks like a blast. Isn't Mia in the Deb Ball? Come to New England??? RJ Julia in Madsison, CT??? NYC?

Sarah Miller said...

How many leis are you wearing??

Zany Mom said...

Ditto the CT invite! I'll be back there shortly, LOL. Going to get my copy of Lottery today as I head to PA in my RV. :D

All the bookstores I've hit in my travels claimed they couldn't sell Lottery before the 2nd. :( But today is the 3rd!! I know what I'll be doing tonight. I have a date with Perry Crandall.


ORION said...

Over 20 leis. It is critical in any celebration here in Hawaii to realize you may need a longer neck!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Pat. Can't wait to read The Lottery. Have heard great things about the story from Mindy. Keep the autograph hand in good shape. Look forward to meeting you if/when you are in Phoenix.

Sharon a.k.a. Southern Bunion

Dana said...

You got lei-d 23 times? That must be a record! Congrats!

Heidi the Hick said...

What a beautiful perfect day!

Is that a feathery quilly pen you're using? Dang. That's awesome!

Holly Kennedy said...

Looks like a solid
fancy-schmanzy start to
Perry's life hear on earth.
Congrats, Pat. Oh, and what a
lovely pen this is, by the way!
*big smile*

M. G. Tarquini said...

I ordered extra to take home. Just another extra cool thing about reading Lottery - it's rich, but contains no calories.

Pat Wood Fan Club

I love it.

Lisa R said...

It was a great day! We had so much fun and I'm glad to have been a small part of it. Way cool.

Manic Mom said...

LOVE IT!!!! I bet that's the most you got leid in one day, huh?!?!?!

How many books did you sign? Hand cramps!??!

The Anti-Wife said...

Looking forward to getting my copy signed here in Seattle on August 10th! Made it to page 100 last night. Loving it so far and can't wait for more quiet time to finish it!

Therese said...

You look adorable!

Dreams come true... Congrats again. :)

Gay said...

Happy, Happy, Happy.

And my copy is now in my hand. Can we smile any wider?

Lori Zue Stevens said...

Can't wait to meet you in Everett!
Lottery is 'sick'--as my young teens would say. I think that means "awesome" or "outstanding", depending on which generation you're from. As we discussed via email, I shared my thoughts on Lottery in an online review at Barnes and Noble...and noticed your book is #40 in the chain's top 100 bestselling books of the hour!! How cool is that??!! Glad I pre-ordered--you don't think they'll run out, do you?! ;-)
Here's the ultimate compliment in our household: reading Lottery--and Susan Wiggs' Dockside--before picking up the newest Harry Potter.
Cheers to you!
P.S. Will the Everett Library serve margaritas, do ya think??!! LOL

Mia King said...

I (heart) Pat.
I (heart) LOTTERY.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your debut day - it was magical!

Michelle Zink said...

Huge, heartfelt congrats to you, Pat!

Success couldn't happen to a nicer person!

Gerb said...

Woohooo! Congrats on your fantastic release day! I'm traveling and I swear, I was just telling my husband on the plane how I had to find your book and here in the bookstore at the MSP airport, there was an entire stand alone display of Lottery! Yay, yay, yay... not only for your fabulous placement in the store but because I now have a copy! :)


Larramie said...

23 leis, Mia King, a pen from Holly (perchance?) and so much more. LOTTERY has already brought you happiness, now it's our turn to enjoy.

Dana said...

Pat - MIL said she stayed up all last night to read your book and she absolutely LOVED it! Thank you for making her day. =)

Anissa said...

Love the're glowing, and rightfully so.

B&N #15 and moving up! Yay!!!

The Anti-Wife said...

Loved the book. Review is on my blog.

ORION said...

Signing number two at BookEnds in Kailua was every bit as successful as the first one at BestSellers!
Pat B. the owner is a doll!
We sold all of her stock and had to dip into mine!
60+ books sold.
My signing hand needs a rest!

sunjunkie said...

Looks like your bash was a big success. Congrats!!!

ChumleyK said...

Congratulations Pat! I've been trying to talk Lottery up to people, but nearly everyone I've told has already heard about it!

Ello said...

I just read your submission on the backstory site and will definitely be purchasing Lottery. I remember when we all got the good news that you were getting published on Miss. Snark's site and how exciting that was. Now your book is out and I've looked around your website and I swear I can almost feel the electric current pulsing around your book. Congratulations! I am excited to buy your book and happy for your success. Maybe if you are doing any signings on the east coast, I'll have a chance to shake your hand.



Polly Kahl said...

WooHoooo! Your glow is contagious! And well deserved too.