Wednesday, August 22, 2007


6:30 am and 76 degrees.
Guess who's sleeping (still) in my forward guest stateroom?
Non other than the FAMOUS HOLLY KENNEDY.
We will be attending the Maui Writers Retreat and Conference together and presenting along with the REALLY FAMOUS AUTHOR JACKIE MITCHARD.
So buckle those plumeria leis and fasten those mai tais cuz we're taking you on a VIRTUAL TOUR of the MAUI WRITERS RETREAT AND CONFERENCE.
So today is preparation.
1. Make coffee.
2. Check to see if Holly is awake.
3. Feed cats and make sure there is enough kitty litter while I am gone.
4. Check to see if Holly is awake.
5. Go to Marina Deli to buy fruit for breakfast
6. Check to see if Holly is awake.
7. Check email.
8. Check to see if Holly is awake.
9. Verify appointment to get highlights touched up.
10.Wake up Holly.


Lisa R said...

Did Holly finally wake up? I can't believe she missed the sunrise. Hawaiian sunrise is a magnificent thing! I can't wait to meet her - and I hope she's awake when I do!

The Anti-Wife said...

Maybe she bumped her head on the shelves! You better check on her.

Therese Fowler said...

Poor Holly--don't let her work TOO hard there in Paradise!

Am thinking of you guys with much envy...hope we'll all get to do the conference together next summer--when I'll have joined your ranks of not quite almost famous. :)

Josephine Damian said...

Maybe Girl Kitty is holding her hostage?

Pat! I saw the article about you in "Writer's Digest" magazine.

As Perry says, That is so cool!

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

I can't wait for this virtual tour! Have a blast Holly and Pat!

Zany Mom said...

She's not sleeping. She's in the um, facilities, fighting seasickness!

Have fun! Will Hawaii survive both of you?? LOL

Kanani said...

I'm sure Touloose took up 3/4 of it, so you might check up on deck... maybe she gave up and slept up there.

Have a great time. Can't wait to hear about it. I'm sure the two of you will either dazzle everyone or leave them feeling frazzled by all your energy. I put my movie url's on my sidebar
today, yours is among them. There's also a new one.

debra said...

Years ago, I knew a guy who had a wooden sailboat that he sailed on Lake Erie. The sounds of the wooden vessel rocking in the water were wonderful. I still remember reclining on the bow of the boat, directing Fred so I could sail into the sunset.

John Robison said...

It looks nice out there.

I wish I was there, too.

Next year, I hope. Hope all is well for both of you there. Martha wore the dragonfly just today.

Mindy Tarquini said...

Don't forget to order in Thai for the cabana boy who does your foot rubs.