Tuesday, August 07, 2007


How is this tree like my journey now? So many twists and turns. I can't see the sky. It can be confusing. Then I look down and see my feet.
And know where I am.

DARK o'clock AND COLD degrees.
You can't second guess yourself.
Are words a writer thinks in response to reviewers.
Did they miss my point?
Not understand my intentions?
Have I missed the boat?
But it doesn't matter.
Nothing matters but the reader.
The reader's the thing.
The main thing.
The only thing.
I write for my readers and always will. So when you are profoundly moved by my book. Email me. Write me. And I will answer.
Because you are why I do what I do.
And you are really the only ones who matter.


Zany Mom said...

The only flaw in Lottery is that the book was way too short. ;) I kinda miss Perry. I'm going to have to read it again.

Did someone print a bad review somewhere?? I'll send the evil rats to bite their ankles...

Kim Stagliano said...

That's the mark of a good book, to me. I want to revisit the characters, know what they are doing. I miss them. But I like character driven books as a rule. Perry is a fabulous character.

Zany Mom said...

Oh, and the other thing: You need to write a book of Gram's wisdom. :D Love Gram, but she died too soon!

ORION said...

And then this morning my guardian angel sends me this:


Josephine Damian said...

Pat, I went right to my writing quote blog, knowing there I could find someone to say it better than I ever could myself:

Advice to Edith Wharton on criticism from Walter Berry:

“He taught me never to be satisfied with my own work, but never to let my inward conviction as to the rightness of anything I had done be affected by outside opinion.”


M. G. Tarquini said...

Agreed on Perry. I actually dreamed about him after I read Lottery the first time. That kind of thing doesn't happen very often.

Holly Kennedy said...

You can't let critics get yah down. Remember, many of them were once wanna-be-published-authors who couldn't hit the mark and now have simmering deep seated issues with anyone who does publish.

*perky morning smile*

Write on, Patricia.

Katie Alender said...

I will be the second wave of support, because, in a big "d'oh!" anti-strategic move, a pattern-making book I ordered at the same time as Lottery is holding up my shipment.

You can't please all of the people all of the time, but you can sure please a lot of them! And you've done that.

Are you coming to LA on your tour? It's waaaarm here...!

Lisa R said...

You have a good attitude about the critics and you are so right about the readers. They really are all that matters and I haven't heard one of them make a negative comment. Not one!

Anonymous said...

Any reviewer who expresses rage and loathing for a novel is preposterous. He or she is like a person who has put on full armor and attacked a hot fudge sundae.

- Kurt Vonnegut

Manic Mom said...

Pat, go check my comment at the Book Maven...

The Anti-Wife said...

I loved your book and gave copies to a couple of friends who also love it. I don't think people pay as much attention to critics as they used to. Some of the biggest money making movies have been panned by the critics. The public decides what it likes and we like your book.

Gay said...

Critics? Where are they? I'll punch their lights out! Personally, I have yet to hear a negative review, so you're walking in the wrong circles, dearie. Hang out with those who have taste.

Kanani said...

*tap tap tap*

Oh... that's the sound of Pat typing away....

John Elder Robison said...

It took a few days, but you've made it out here. I just bought a Lottery from the New Arrivals table at the Hadley, MA B&N.

And the independents in town have Lottery too.

It's off and running!

Toddie said...

True confession: I sneaked your book out of the "W" fiction section at Walden Books and moved it over to the New Fiction bookshelf, where it should have been displayed in the first place.

I am sure you have many such fans of Perry looking out for his best interests.

Kanani said...

Toddle... you aren't the only one. On Saturday, David Baldacci had to make room for Patricia Wood over at the B&N!

Mia King said...

I think you nailed it, Pat. Just keep doing what you're doing, because I - along with MANY other readers and writers - love what you're doing.

Kanani said...

I found this passage in my favorite book on writing. It's just for you.