Saturday, August 25, 2007


I have to get a tee shirt tomorrow. Aren't they cool?

11:20 PM after eating myself into a stupor and very warm.
So much fun. I forget how star struck I get at Maui. The book store is stuffed full of all the books by the instructors and the instructors themselves are so approachable and down to earth.

James Rollins teaches at Maui. In fact when he was unpublished he went to the Maui conference and retreat -- you can't find a nicer best selling author. His new book Judas Strain is out now and on the NYT list. He mentioned meeting me and talked about LOTTERY on his Barnes and Noble site which was keen!
Jacquelyn Mitchard is here and is a wealth of information. She's supportive and kind no matter if you are in her class or not.
Her new book Still Summer is out.
The author Holly Kennedy is here and her books are in the bookstore also.
It's a thrill to see a huge room full of books and know the authors are all there at the retreat and conference.
Then there are the writers themselves. LISA R, GAY, MG TARQUINI and others are here to learn just as Holly and I are.
I am humbled when I see how many talented writers there are. With determination, a little luck and serendipity they will find themselves published someday too but the point of the retreat is for all of us to focus on our writing.
The conference is where you learn the nuts and bolts of the publishing industry.
So who's here for fiction?
Gary Braver, Thomas Cook, Karen Joy Fowler, Ann Hood, John Lescroart, Jacquelyn Mitchard, William Martin, James Rollins, Ann LeClaire are here teaching at the retreat and then Luanne Rice and Scott Turow are here for the conference.
I will let you know which workshops I attend and what is covered so you can get a virtual Maui experience.
Tomorrow morning starts bright and early with a talk by Thomas Cook about finding your own voice.
If you are going to find it will be on Maui.
Aloha for now


Kim Stagliano said...

Not as cool as my Perry T=shirt which is the only article of clothing I own that makes me look like I have a bustline! THAT IS SO COOL! LOL!!! :)

Enjoy the retreat. I'm envious, envious, envious I must admit.

ORION said...

The other writers are so talented and much camaraderie has been established already.
Today (Sunday) is the first official day of classes. Saturday was registration and the orientation dinner which was yummy.

Gay said...

You blogged LAST NIGHT? Wow. I'm impressed. I stumbled into bed... and then woke up at 4 A.M., begged my body to sleep another hour, gave up, and went online. Hate changing blasted time zones. I will love you forever (that's better than being BFF, btw) for talking me into coming.

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear you're having a great time at Maui. The company and camaraderie (sp?) sounds astounding. You show photos of Holly Kennedy's and James Rollins' books -- are they selling your book there, too?
Zoroaster's Dog

ORION said...

Yep mine's on sale too.
The book store is full of amazing books - I may be taking more back with me than I took!

Maprilynne said...

I SO want to go to this retreat next year . . . here's hoping!!