Sunday, June 17, 2007


This is NOT New York.
How do I know this? Well there are no tall buildings and there is a mountain where Central Park should be.

Too cold and too late.
The photo is Gig Harbor where I spent the weekend. I took a short detour to spend the weekend with my sister and take my dad out to dinner for Father's Day. I am now packed and ready to catch an airplane in the morning.

This is not New York either.
Although these are very large insects they are not found on the streets of New York. They live in California. You can tell this by their tans and the trendy metrosexual shine to their anntenas.
As for me?
I will be in New York tomorrow.
So will Holly.
So what will we do? We are open to suggestions.
Places of significance?
What would you do?
Let us know.
And in the meantime.
You will hear all about our adventures.
Just like last time.
New York will never be the same.
And neither will we.
(Oh and the REAL photos of New York will start Tuesday...see if you can tell the difference.)


Lisa R said...

I vote for Cafe Mozart on the Upper West Side not far from the Met (Opera House that is not the museum). Also Pigalle (right around the corner from where Wicked is playing). Closer to your hotel area Cafe Un Deux Trois was very good as well and near theaters. Don't miss the Guggenheim if you have time and the Natural History Museum (the coolest museum on earth). Have a blast and I'm looking forward to those photos.

Crystallyn said...

Ohhh Gig Harbor looks so beautiful! You've made me thoroughly homesick...I relocated from Seattle to Boston many years ago and have always missed the left coast a bit.

New York is quite awesome (and HOT) this time of year. MoMA is where I would's one of my favorite museums and is probably even more exciting now that they have remodeled. St. John's Cathedral is also a beautiful stop--the largest cathedral in the world and it is still being built.
Have a wonderful time!

h-c said...

The public theatre's shakespeare in the park is my favorite nyc tradition. Right now they're running romeo and juliet.

And it's free! They give out the tickets day of in central park and down town. I recommend getting in line about 2-3 hours early. It's so nice to watch a play in this outdoor theatre as the sun is going down.

Adrienne said...

I still say drinks at the Algonquin, to follow in the age old footsteps of writers from the past.

And of course wander through central park. If you are up for a pricey laugh while you're there, go to the Tavern on the Green, it's awesome!!

Man even though I was there less than a month ago I'm STILL jealous you are going!

Williebee said...

Have fun in NYC. If anything could make me miss the water more? It would be New York at rush hour...

lady macleod said...


Demon Hunter said...

Have fun and go to Little Italy. Great food! :*)

dilling said...

I spy mount ranier....