Thursday, June 14, 2007



82 degrees and 9 pm.
A modest contest for your amusement.
What is this photograph of and what has happened? Your conjecture is as good as mine.
It isn't.
I KNOW what it is cuz I took the picture.
It is my opinion that writers need a talent for prevarication. I know mine has always come in handy -- especially when I was younger. So what is it and more importantly can you tell a good story.
The topic is authenticity.
Bloggers start your guesses or rather your tales of excellence.
Bonus points to those with imagination and creativity.
Oh and extra points to those who entertain us.
Much extra points.


Hee hee Kim said penis said...
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ORION said...

OK no naughty bits now...

Kim Stagliano said...

It looks like the angler fish lure that attracts Nemo and Dory when they are searching for the mask un the deep, dark cavern. My Gianna loves that scene. I love that last line "Good feeling gone!" when the whole fish lights up and scares them to death with its sharp teeth!

ORION said...

OK that's much better commentors.
gruesome violence is always more acceptable than sex...

Kanani said...

That's Pat playing with matches again (sigh).

Kimber An said...

Altarian Commander Roc Belarus has just been informed that his daughter by human Captain Tricia Orion, fighter pilot, has been abducted by Intari operatives.

Thank the stars he left that interdimensional baby monitor with the Nanny! MP Mark 3 (short for Mary Poppins, version three) sometimes forgets to activity her sub-light sensors. He makes a mental note to send her in for a tune-up.

After picking up Tricia, he takes one starfighter out of his spaceship's hangar bay and she takes the other. Jumping into warp, they converge on the dreaded Intari together! All plasma cannons and ion torpedoes pelt the Intari's shields!

Tricia locks on to their baby's lifesignal and teleports her safely into the backseat. A quick sniff through her breath-mask lets her know a new diaper is needed. "Stupid Intari. Sorry, Baby, you'll have to sit in it for a few minutes while Daddy cleans up this mess and we fly back to his ship."

Baby gurgles and sucks on her fist. She doesn't care about the pee-pee diaper, but she is thinking about boobie milk.

Meanwhile, Daddy blasts the Intari into tiny little micro-fragments. "That should do it. Shall we go straight home or do you want to stop for chocolate on Altaria?" He doesn't need an answer from his wife. He can hear his daughter demanding to be nursed over communications. "Nevermind, I have a stash of Altarian Chocolates in my Ready Room."

After a few seconds, Tricia speaks up over com. "Honey, I've changed my mind. I don't want to live on Earth. Your fightercraft totally rock!"

Roc chuckles. "Happy birthday! I had the little bad boy you're sitting in right now built just for you!"

"Oooh, Roc, I love it when you talk dirty to me."

Kimber An said...

Oh, sorry, forget to mention the picture is of Roc blasting the Intari spaceship into tiny little micro-fragments. Never get between a doting daddy and his baby girl!

Kanani said...

Hey.... can you give me the dates you're going to be reading at the Everett Library in September? I'm going to buy my ticket to see you and Barry Herem. Southwest is having a sale.

Anissa said...

It's Pat, taking a picture of herself in a mirror. At night. Then, just before the flash, a caterpillar drops and hangs precariously until the photo is complete. As he falls to the floor, laughter rings through the insect world. "Ha! One more author photo foiled!"

Mary said...

It is E.T.'s finger.

Now 25 years older, he can make his WHOLE finger glow!

ORION said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ! I like that one!

Kanani said...

Hmm.... why don't you look on The Writerly Pause?

Then, start packing.
Travel safely.

Lisa R said...

Well it is kind of suggestive. However, I will hazard a guess that it is some sort of underwater glowing worm/tube/space creature? Sorry, that's as creative as I can get today, major headache in progress. Have a safe trip to New York, I'm looking forward to your blog from the Big Apple.

The Anti-Wife said...

Marge Simpson’s hair dyed fluorescent white!