Thursday, June 07, 2007


Night dives can be scary. This file fish was snoozing. Just minding his own business and FLASH! He was so startled by my strobe he ran right into the coral. I felt kind of bad. There is a beauty in the silence but it is eerie. You feel like someone is watching in the dark just behind. You spin around.
But you feel eyes on you.
Not unlike 55 days until a book is out.
Eyes everywhere.

11:16 PM and 81 degrees.
NOTE! For a real cool CONTEST having to do with ARCs check Adrienne's blog!
Back in the saddle again. Literally. Baby horse has had a holiday but he will be ridden soon. Vacation's over.
So what is happening now with Lottery and with Pat? I hear you ask.
Well, reviews are coming in. At BEA lots of ARCs were handed out. Much buzz was generated.
What is buzz you ask?
Buzz is important. It is an undercurrent of attention.
"There's this book coming out..."
"I think it might be good..."
"What's it about?"
"The premise is a guy who is mentally challenged and wins the Lottery..."
"Wow maybe we better order it..."
"Huh I think I'll look for it in the bookstore..."
"Hey you've GOT to read this book...It's GREAT!"
That's all a part of buzz.
Word of mouth.
It's what makes people read a book.
A friend of a friend passes on a book.
"It's really good," they say. "You've got to read it."
I have several phone interviews scheduled for various publications. I go back to New York soon and have more meetings. My fall is filling up with readings, signings and receptions.
I feel like eyes are on me. I am being watched. Not uncomfortably so but it makes me guarded.
People want to know about me. About my book.
The counter on my blog gets shorter and shorter.
The time approaches.
And I wait.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat!


Thank you again for the ARC. I really look forward to read it. Just have to finish the one I read right now.

By the way; when can I see pictures of my fridge on your blog??? Ha, hahahahaha

I have to continiue work now. Give my regards to G: Det var veldig hyggelig å ha dere på besøk, synd vi ikke fikk mere tid sammen, men kanskje neste gang. Vi får prøve å holde kontakten per e-post - ha det bra så lenge.

Klem fra Bente

Kimber An said...

Okay, maybe you're the Blog Buddy I need to talk to! My blog traffic has been increasing and it's got me a little freaked out, and I don't even have an agent yet! I'll email you privately about it after I drink my coffee.

In the meantime, may I review an ARC of LOTTERY on my blog too??? Or are they all gone? :o(

ORION said...

All ARCs are all gone but they are selling quite briskly on ebay. If anyone wants an ARC I suggest that route. I am STILL trying to get a few more that way myself.

Heidi the Hick said...

Pat, do you fear that you'll lose your privacy after this book blows up real good?

Therese said...

When are you going back to NYC? I'm going to be there in a few weeks--maybe we can stir up even more book buzz as two debs on the town!

Lisa R said...

I'm glad you are back. I hope you had a great time on vacation. I can't wait to talk to you about Lottery. I loved it and I can't wait to tell you why. See you soon.

ORION said...

Well...The first message was my cousin Bente she works in the field of publishing in Norway.
Heidi -- yup! I think we are a bit naive when we chose to write a book. We are euphoric that we get agented, book sold, release date planned and then...OMG interviews and yeah privacy may be a thing of the past.
We shall see...
Lisa R ! aloha!!
I would love to hear from other authors with respect to the privacy issue.

Demon Hunter said...

Buzz is always good, Pat. I think you've got a bestseller. Everyone will like this novel. It's just a novel that everyone will want to read. I have to wait; I wish I had a copy! :*)

Holly Kennedy said...

Nice to have you home safe and sound, Pat. Enjoy the buzz and
all of the interviews and gush surrounding Lottery. This is clearly your year to shine bright and strong!! Good for you.

The Anti-Wife said...

Welcome home, but we'll miss the fantastic pictures. Hope you'll take more as you travel around promoting your book.

LadyBronco said...

I am so excited - I got a cpy of yout ARC on eBay!

I cannot wait to read it! It will sit right next to the hardcover when it gets here. :0)

ORION said...

hey good for you lady b!!!!
DH - from your mouth to God's ear...
Pictures...I got pictures...

canwag said...

Welcome home Pat! At this moment in time your post is catching me feeling very sated and smug.... I've read "Lottery", nah nah nah nah nah!! (I shouldn't be like that, I know.) My husband disliked it at first (I'm not sure why - I was hooked from the first page) but ended up finishing it in a marathon session late one night (always a good sign that a book is great!) He ended up enjoying it very much. I now have a new word in my vocabulary - ECHT! As far as the scrutiny goes - when your book hits, I'm sure you can relax in the spotlight. Everyone will be thinking wonderful things about you!

Anissa said...

Welcome home, Pat. Loved the pictures from your trip. But then your pictures are always great.

I think the buzz is fantastic and hope it continues to build until the release. Can't wait to pick up a copy myself. I smell a bestseller and it couldn't happen to a nicer person.

msstag said...
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Kim Staglianoikiisson said...

Glad you're back! Igdiskkisson margatdidior flickulluisoon?? Best I can do to remind you of Finland.

M. G. Tarquini said...

Pay no attention to that man in black behind the curtain.

Dawn said...

I was going to say I know what you're going through, Pat, but of course, I don't. Ripples on the Lake will be released in 5 days now, but it's a low key, laid back kiwi affair. Still has me pretty hyped though. There's nothing like that first book hitting the stores no matter what the scale of the release. Good luck with Lottery. I've a feeling it's going to be big.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,
Love catching up with you here. Between the photos and your words, I feel like I was almost there; that I can feel the crispness of the air and breathe in the chill of the morning in Nowary. I feel in awe of the churches and while the cars are whizzing by outside my window, for that moment when I am reading your blog, there is silence of city and the peaceful sounds of nature. Thank you very much for sharing. I also appreciate your referals to check out other sites.
Look forward to seeing you at a signing, and yes, I am telling others about your book. I enjoyed reading it the first time and eagerly anticipate reading the revised version.

Mia King said...

Pat, how very exciting! Enjoy it all and keep us posted!