Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I so enjoy anomalies. Dogs with hats. Horses who talk. Fish in strange places.

8:30 pm and 77 degrees.
The topic is anomalies. Most readers groups read a book and discuss it after it is released.
Not this group.
This readers group is reading an ARC of LOTTERY. The Writerly Pause
a group of like minded book lovers in California (read their blog it is really good fun). They have been selected as the first LOTTERY BETA READERS GROUP. I just invented that with the help of Megan Beatie at Goldberg McDuffie.
How cool is that?
The group gets the special pre-reader's guide. They get the author's undivided attention (if they let her have coffee first). They get a copy of the super duper secret special galley letter.
How much fun can this group stand?
We will find out.
I do suggest you visit their blog. They have the good sense to ask any authors they want to speak with them -- just call them on the phone and ask.
I think they are brilliant.
So get to reading...
We digressed (you helped). The subject is anomalies.
We had been talking about making your novel stand out. Remember that bookstore stuffed FULL of books?
Take a good look at your WIP. Can you look at it and say, "My book is like this only...with a twist?"
A love story between gay dolphins.
A thriller with bipolar architects.
A mystery set in grease. In a diner.
Well you get my point.
So tell me your favorite anomalies.
Can you top these?
I bet you can.


Eryl Shields said...

Hello, I came to your blog via Kanani.

Looking out of my window it springs to mind that my favourite anomaly would have to be a hot and sunny Scottish summer: It was the year of the of the hose-pipe ban. Scots every where...

A Brit who doesn't talk about the weather could be another!

Bernita said...

How many times can the dead return?

A (thoroughly inadequate) review is up.
Tried to avoid the usual reviewing cliches - "charming, delightful, poignant, touching, wonderful, etc." - though they ALL apply.

Kimber An said...

Love the picture! Story contest on my blog today, by the way.

ORION said...

Welcome eryl!
Now this is good. Stereotypes that are askew!
Let me think about that one.
Much aloha Bernita and thanks! One hopes many readers will share your opinion!
Kimber the photo was taken in Petaluma after I did my Pacific Ocean crossing. They had these cool "art cars" all over.

Holly Kennedy said...

Love love love the car fulla sharks, Pat!

Reminds me of going to Chicago a few years ago when the Magnificent Mile was lined with all of these wonderful life-size cows, each designed differently in a funky way (a cow wearing roller skates; a pink cow with black and white boxer shorts).

Got my ARC of LOTTERY yesterday. Whooop! I feel extra special cause I know they are GOLD and there are never enough of 'em to give out.

Big hugs from Canada :)

Beth said...

I mosied on over here from Bernita's blog and wanted to give you a hearty congratulations on your book. Sounds terrific!

Therese said...

Maybe I could top yours, but I'm laughing too much about the gay dolphins story!

I love the idea about having a Beta readers group, thanks for sharing that.

Kanani said...

Thanks for the plug. What I've found is that the most successful writers are also the most generous. My big regret is that I didn't contact David Halberstam, who I had on my list. What a heart break.

Right now we're preparing to talk to Marcia Talley on Sunday.

The group is very excited about reading your book and discussing it. It's next in the line up (I think)! We'll also do a fair amount of eating... and I hope have a stiff drink!

Dawn said...

I have to confess - don't let HarperCollins HQ hear this - I don't have a work in progress.

But, the soon to be released novel is a paranormal without any vampires or werewolves! That has to be different.

Sam said...

Well, there are sharks in a car and snakes on a plane...another anomaly? Could be rednecks in pickup trucks shooting at wood nymphs. (I just cruised in from Jobhn Nez's blog, where he mentioned that, lol.)