Thursday, April 26, 2007


Clouds in the middle of the Pacific. I consider them amazing.
Finishing a novel? That is amazing too.
The publication journey? Amazing.
And this?
This is F***ing AMAZING.

9:30 and 75 degrees.
Clouds are like books. I thought of this as I was standing watch on my passage across the Pacific.
I think of this again as people read LOTTERY.
Clouds. Books.
Each one unique.
Mysteries. Romance. Thrillers.
Something for everyone.

A rabbit.
A geyser.
A dog.
Appearances shift and alter.
I see comedy. You see tragedy.
You laugh. I cry.

What type of cloud will my book be?
One that is ethereal?
Gone in the wisp of an instant?
Or held as vapor in the hearts of my readers.


Holly Kennedy said...

"What type of cloud will your book be?"

It won't, Pat.
It'll shine like the brightest sun and it'll be followed up with many more just like it!

Holly Kennedy said...

How BLOND is the above comment?!

I meant, of course, that LOTTERY won't be a cloud, Patricia-girl. Just a shining star!

(See what happens when a husband hovers over you asking questions as you post on blogs??!)

Raphee said...

I wish you the best. Really I do because I know through an exchange of pm's on AW that you are a great person.
Just to rejog your memory; you offered me the copies of Publisher Weekly.
And what a great comment Miss Snark made about Lottery.
Best of Luck Pat.
Raphee on AW.

John Elder Robison said...

Hey, can I have one too? I'll trade for one of Look Me in the Eye . . .

Victoria Dove said...

Wow. The marketer inside of me is saying 'Do you know how many people read Miss Snark's blog? Guess how many people just found out about your book? A lot.'

But just regular old me is saying. This is so cool, Pat. So amzingly cool. And Holly's right. Your book shines way above the clouds.

ORION said...

Clouds or stars?
Now that's a great analogy.
But we need both don't you think?
This is a new bend in the road. Now people are reading my book and it feels wonderful!
Of course I over-promised my ARCs- If you can go to BEA grab a copy there!

LisaR said...

I think Ms. Snark likes your book! Wow, what a great commentary! I can't wait to get my hands on it. I know Lottery will be a huge success, I just feel it. I know you have great ideas for more books and I can't wait to read them either. Congratulations.

Heidi the Hick said...

What a great post!!

Those clouds look like they're touching the water. I've never seen anything like that. are famous. Awesome.

Dawn said...

A great comment from Her Snarkiness is worth gold.

And reading your post sure added some sparkle to my life. Thanks Pat.

M. G. Tarquini said...

*Off to put disc with pictures of me and Pat together in a safe deposit box at the bank, alongside Perry Crandall tchochkes.*

kimscratcheshead said...

How about the dingbats on Snark already dissing the book? Stugotts! What idiots. I mean really. Why would you put such bad Karma onto Miss Snark's blog and make yourself look like a buffoon to boot? Anon or not. Some people are generous of spirit. Others are not. I'm often surprised by the ones who've hit the jackpot and then are so nasty afterward. Pat's a gem and that will go a long way toward word of mouth sales.

Word ver: ipupuu "I poo poo on the naysayers."

ORION said...

As Perry says...
"Some people like me...some people don't...but that's okay..."
I gotta get used to the heat if I wanna sit close to the fire.

Anne said...

Do any of us dare dream for the success Pat has had - and will continue to have - on our debut novels? Every turn of event has been more fantastic than the last. But can anything top that endorsement from the Snark? Unbelievable! Get ready for HUGEness, Pat. Thrilled for you.

David L. McAfee said...

I love the pics (these and those before this post-the dragonfly post is one of my favorites). I have often had similar thoughts staring at the clouds. For you, it's boats. For me, it's airplanes. Either way, the clouds provide a nice bit of scenery against the blue backdrop.

Love the blog, BTW. Can't wait for the book. Best O' Luck to ya, Pat!

Lala Scrivano said...

Don't let the nasty little anonymice disturb you, m'dear. I'll have Sven run over them with the Prius.

nancor said...

If clouds are like books, then the State of Washington, where I live, must be an extremely literate state. This morning, the clouds looked like they were thinking hard, trying to find a synonym for parallel. Now, the sky looks creamy and exists only to draw attention to the ferocious, screaming rhododendrons.

I saw Miss Snark's post about Lottery, which prompted me to go over to Amazon, where I read your postings and found my way to this blog.

Reading your blog, I feel envy (since no one has wanted to publish my novel) and excitement. I look forward to buying and reading Lottery in August. And I also look forward to following you on your journey by checking in here. You go, girl!!!!!

Gay said...

Just read Miss Snark's blog about Lottery. Waiting for my copy takes me back to childhood and waiting for Christmas.


ORION said...

"anonymice" ha ha ha ha.
I like that.
But really folks I have to get used to it.
You think it's hard to wait Gay?
OMG I look at this counter at least forty times a day!

ORION said...

OK gay how do you get that link perfect on that post?
I can't figure it out.

Dawn said...

I just had to return, Pat. I was racing off to work when I commented this morning and I hadn't actually seen Miss Snark's comments. That is just so fabulous! Miss Snark does not do that every day of the week. It sounds a wonderful read and I'll look out for it here in NZ. Good on you, gal!

Mia King said...

Pat, are you on myspace yet? I just updated my profile, especially under favorite books (cough - LOTTERY!). If you're there, friend me ( )!

I love how you and Holly share dragonflies ... it's inspiring and beautiful.

Kimber An said...

Very cool, Pat.

Zany Mom said...

I wanna know why the blog buddies aren't a beta reader group. Waaah! I wanna read Lottery! All this teasing is driving me nutso!

Zany slinks back to her corner. Patience has never been her strong suit.


ORION said...

I am FAR FAR too uncool to have a myspace.

Sam said...

I really can't wait to read it, lol!!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Congratulations on Miss Snark's very convincing endorsement of Lottery! I just wandered over from Dawn's fine blog. I'd read Miss Snark's raves earlier and thought: must buy that book. (Also felt momentary pangs of intense jealousy, but that's normal for me). But I hadn't realized you were just one blog leap away.

And the cloud pictures are beautiful!

Gerb said...

Wow. And then again, wow. What a fantastic response to your ARCs! I see I will have to preorder now if I want to be among the first in the next wave to read Lottery.

Congratulations, Pat!


writtenwyrdd said...

Funny, having read only an excerpt, and just hearing the blurb and seeing the cover art, I also can't help but feel you have got yourself the old Lightning In A Bottle, Pat.

I think I'll go check out Ebay now...