Tuesday, March 27, 2007


This is a photo of Everett Waterfront where LOTTERY takes place. My father and I drove there together almost a year ago. He was helping me do research for my book.
My mother had just died.
We needed to do something.
So we drove to Everett.
I could feel Perry there. I could imagine him walking down this dock. I had to stare in the water and wonder. Imagine. I thought about my writing.
Would I get an agent?
Would I ever be published?
A year later.
Where will I be?
You all now know the answer to that question.

9:30 pm and 79 degrees.
I'm it.
I've been tagged by HOLLY KENNEDY and as a dutifully obedient blogger I will comply.

Why do I blog?
A very good question.
A dilemma. Puzzling. I started and stopped. I erased what I had written.
This required much thought.
And then.
I realized the answer was right in front of my face -- or rather at the end of my posts.
This is why I blog. Because of you.
I blog because I get a deep connection from all of you writers all over the world who comment on this blog. You are my peers. My readers. You are writers and authors. You have the same dreams that I do.
You find humor in rejection the way I do. You ask the same questions that I do.
"Why do I let others take control of my writing?"
"How can I know what I want to say?"
"Am I wasting my time?"
"Where can I find the passion?"
I find solace in the comments because it leads me to believe that you and I -- we have much commonality between us.
We are all very much alike.
If we met.
If we were together.
For lunch.
Or for coffee.
I feel sure we would be firm fast friends.
Thank you my blog buddies.
You give me so much.


ORION said...

I tag.......

You go girl.

Kim Stagliano said...

Reminds me of the line from a Miss Snark contest - sung to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" "We have a lot of friends although we never leave the house."

I've met terrific people through blogging. Present blogger included!

Therese said...

Hey, I'm it!

Okay, I'll get to work right away...

But first, this post is wonderful, and I'm so glad we've met and are sharing our journey!

Maprilynne said...

"We have a lot of friends although we never leave the house."

Hehe! I totally second that!!

Reasons I love Pat's Blog:

1. It gives me something to dream about.

2. It makes me happy to see people i like being successful.

3. Pictures! Hello!

4. I get to mooch friends from the comments.;) Hey Holly, Kim, and Mindy!!

5. It usually teaches me something about writing or the publishing process . . . unless it's just supposed to be fun, and then it's fun!!!

6. It makes me warm after having great weather for a week and then I wake up to three inches of snow on the ground!!!! WTF!!!! . . . But I'm not bitter.:)

Trust me Pat, it's a two lane street.:)

Keep blogging, please!!

Holly Kennedy said...

Great post, Pat.
It made me think, WHAT SHE SAID!

Yeah, blogging can be Hoover-like in the time it takes away from my writing, and yet it also gives back in that you feel less lonely when you're sharing with like-minded people. Write on...

Bernita said...


Demon Hunter said...

Thanks for the great post. We love reading your blog! :*)

L.C.McCabe said...


I would like to thank you for helping us know exactly what goes on in the pre-publication phase. Knowing what to expect will help me once I am fortunate to have a book contract.

Keep on sharin'


Heidi the Hick said...

Well I don't know if you realize how much I get out of this. Thank you for commenting on my blog a few months ago and bringing me into your world!

M. G. Tarquini said...

I blog because the damned ankle bracelet alarms if I leave the house.

ChumleyK said...

After your last post I was feeling a bit intimidated by you! You lead an amazing life. I love reading your blog and I love your photos. Thanks for blogging!

LadyBronco said...

You are an inspiration for those of us hoping to follow in your footsteps...

You are definitely one of the terrific people I am glad to have met in the blogsphere...

ORION said...

ha ha ha ha ha
But how do you type with the handcuffs?

adrienne said...

Pat you are so right. I never imagined when I started blogging that I would develop a whole new set of relationships, friendships, but that is precisely what happened. It's been really cool having all these people supporting you from all around the world. At the same time it has been wonderful watching their adventures as well. It's really special.

Kiskadee said...

When I wrote my first books, got published the first time, I did not know a single other author. I lived in a remote German village where I was the "village freak" - ie, watched from behind moving curtains.

I did not belong to any writers' forum. I was really, truly, on my own. I couldn't even tell my family I was writing a book, because they'd been disappointed once and I didn't want to get their hopes up again, only to have them dashed. Even when "it" happened, I was all alone: no other writers to know what a steep mountain I'd climbed. And really, only writers know.

The point of this post? Just to say: you, the international friends I have gained just by sitting at my computer, have made my world! I can feel you there, sad at my failures, cheering at my steps forward, and dancing at my successes. I love you!

And three cheers for the internet! If you ever wondered what writers did in the dark ages, well, I know, and it's not nice!

I also know that I'd have avoided so many mistakes if I'd been in such a commmunitey back then. I feel as if I've grown into literary adulthood since then. Dog, I was so NAIVE!!!!!

Patry Francis said...

And the truly amazing thing I learned on my book tour was that the people I met on my blog weren't virtual friends, they were REAL friends. I love the original voice that comes through here--no matter what you write about.

Manic Mom said...

Totally gave me goosebumps to read this. I get frustrated with my blogging, feeling like I'm not reaching to anyone, then the comments come and I feel validated in my writing and my rants.

Thank you!