Tuesday, March 13, 2007



77 degrees and 6:15 am.
REMEMBER TO CHECK OUT THE DEBUTANTE BALL today. My guest blog is there. Let me know how you like it.
There has been a battle here over the last two days. My husband's Blackjack will not accept the fact that there are places that do not LEAP AHEAD. He was late to work on Monday and so were all the other architects at the firm who use their Blackjacks as miniature alarm clocks. All the meetings were off by an hour.
I hear it was not a great deal of fun.
Each time they corrected the little devils they flipped over to mainland time as soon as one's back was turned.
Kind of creepy don't you think?
Now I could anthropomorphize these tiny devices.
Talk about the resulting havoc of a software glitch.
Or use the entire scenario in one of my novels 'cuz...
Sometimes ya just can't make this stuff up.


Therese said...

Hi Pat!

Great guest blogging over there with the Debs!

So many parallels in our past year, eh? Your getting Dorian's rep offer on your mom's birthday is beautiful. In my case, I completed the first draft of the novel that would get me my agent on the first anniversary of my mom's death.

I swear our mothers do guide us from beyond, if not forever, then at least long enough to help us get where we are so determined to go.

Can't wait to get LOTTERY in 141 days. :)

ORION said...

So true Therese.
I'm glad you liked the blog - it is always interesting to look backwards- that sometimes helps to determine your forward path -- at least for me it does.

writtenwyrdd said...

Pat, read this Romancing The Blog article. It talks about getting published and how it feels. Sounds like she has had a similar experience to yours!

I can't wait to read The Lottery, either.


Holly Kennedy said...

Wonderful post over at the DEBs, Pat... Remind me to never get addicted to those horrible little PDAs that seem to be made of velcro. I see them EVERYWHERE and am so glad I've managed to avoid needing one (so far?!)

Gay said...

Does time run backwards in Hawaii?

Everywhere I went in San Diego on Sunday, I was on time, while the folks who FORGOT to change their clocks were an hour late... so unless I'm really confused, I would think that if my clock was the one that was wrong and the other people (who didn't change their clocks) were the ones who were right, then they would have been arriving on time, and I would have been showing up for all of my appointments an hour early. Right???

Of course, from the times I visited, Hawaii was its own special universe. It's probably just like barn time... and bears no relationship to the real world. You remember barn time, don't you?

And how does sailing time compare? I'm guessing it isn't much different, either. :wink:

P.S. Can we pre-order your book, or do I need to put an alarm in my calendar so that I can go stand in line for my copy?

ORION said...

It's funny, Gay, because when my hubby was late we had this same exact conversation. I had to draw it out for him-
Your clock "springs" ahead. Instead of 8 am it is now 9am. you set it for 5am but in Hawaii-time when it springs ahead you end up waking up at 6 am. ( when this happens in the fall (fall back) he will be early!
Really and truly if you think about it this is what happens.
And I can vouch for the fact that all the principals who got brand new PDAs from the company only two weeks ago were ALL late!!!
BTW it happened in Arizona too - they are the other place that does not have daylight savings.

ORION said...

You can preorder the audio and will be able to preorder the book any day now from Amazon.
I will have a huge notice when that can be done.
If you email me (my email address is under my profile) you can get on my mailing list and I can let you know when LOTTERY is available for preorder.
Many times they ship it a few days early so you receive it on the release date.

LadyBronco said...


A fantastic blog on the Debs!
*air five*

I have to say...the closer Lottery gets to being on the shelves, the more I want to read it.

Can't wait!

Kim Stagliano said...

Don't feel too rotten - my sister was at The Waldorf Astoria on Saturday night and the clocks in every room were WRONG on MONDAY morning. She called the front desk and was told they have a "service" that changes the clocks and hadn't been able to get to them. Can you imagine how many people were late for meetings in NY because their $400+ a night hotel couldn't change their own clocks? LOL!

Anissa said...

You're right, Pat, we don't change our clocks either. I actually never remember that it's happening. I guess they figured we get enough daylight...who knows.

Great post at the debs!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. His Blackjack decided to leap ahead, even though Hawaii does not. Hubby sets Blackjack alarm for 5am. At 2am Sat morning, said Blackjack leaps ahead for DST. So when the alarm goes off at the leapt-ahead 5am, it's still really 4am Hawaii time. So how was he late?

Maprilynne said...

Hehe, spend all of yours at once.:)

Loved the blog on DB, BTW, it was wonderful!

Demon Hunter said...

Pat, what a great blog entry over at the Debs!
As I've told you before, I think that LOTTERY is going to be a great novel, but I never told you why. I am a Service Coordinator who works for the Mentally Retarded, Related Disability, and Autistic populations. I am thankful that you wrote a novel to show another side to the mentally challenged individual. They show so much more love and honesty than "normal" people. I love my clients! I'm sure I'll love your book as well. I thank you for that!

ORION said...

No anonymous. Really. Husband set alarm for 5 am.
Keep in mind the Black jack is "smart" it re-set the real time which also changed his programmed "wake" time.
Think of an alarm clock. If I set my alarm for 5 and we leap ahead and I do not change anything when my clock rings at 5 I am late (it is really 6)
The black jack corrected BOTH the alarm time and the leap ahead time to daylight savings effectively letting my husband sleep in an hour!

ORION said...

I am always so interested in how individuals who work with people who have special needs will view my novel. I have had some read advanced copies to have an idea of the reception and prior to that for feedback.

Demon Hunter said...

I think it's great even though I haven't read it yet. I really like the concept. An ARC would be nice too! :*)

Kanani said...

I love this time of year. Yesterday I put aside the shoes and slipped on my sandals, in which I wear 9 out of 12 months.

Anonymous said...

How does an alarm get set 'ahead'? On my alarm clock, I set it for 7am. When I adjusted for daylight savings, I just set the time ahead one hour. Why would a black jack set the alarm an hour later? I must be really dense today.

ORION said...

I can't DO this anymore anon.
Before he went to bed Gord set the alarm for 5am on his PDA. At 2 am his PDA "re set" his alarm an hour later (leap ahead = later) PDA affectively making his wake-up time 6 am.


You have to work backwards to get it. Everybody with blackjacks who live in places that do not do daylight savings were late that morning. Ergo it happened...

Anonymous said...

Whateve. If the PDA, at 2am, became 3am, then his alarm went off at 5am leap-ahead time, which is 4am standard time. His PDA is an hour later, but the actual time is an hour earlier. When his PDA says 9am (it set itself ahead), it's really still only 8am in areas that did NOT leap ahead. Bye.

ChumleyK said...

We don't have daylight savings time in Japan either. It's a bit of a relief not to have to figure out which direction to move the clock in order to not be late! But it does make it really hard to remember what times I can phone home to the USA without waking people up.

writtenwyrdd said...

I pre-ordered my copy of Lottery today. I am really looking forward to reading it.

ORION said...

Thanks WW!
I am grateful for all the support all my blog buddies have shown,

writtenwyrdd said...

That whole is eight hours or seven drove me crazy when I livedin Hawaii. It was hard enough finding a time to call New England when people were awake, then the DST thing happened, lol. (Actually, I don't remember how many hours difference. WAS it 7 or 8, or 5/6?) Darned memory. It was only 25 years ago!