Friday, February 09, 2007


A funny, poignant, and wise novel about a very rich underdog who shows everyone just how little his IQ says about his smarts.

Perry’s IQ is only 76, but he’s not stupid. His grandmother taught him everything he needs to know to survive: She taught him to write things down so he won’t forget them. She taught him to play the lottery every week. And most important, she taught him who to trust. When Gram dies, Perry is left orphaned and bereft at the age of 31. Then his weekly Washington State Lottery tickets wins him 12 million dollars, and he finds he has more family than he knows what to do with.
Peopled with characters both wicked and heroic who leap off the pages, LOTTERY is a deeply satisfying, gorgeously rendered novel about trust, loyalty, and what distinguishes us as capable.

The release date for LOTTERY is August 2.
Here is the cover.
I am above the clouds.


Therese Fowler said...

OMG!! This is terrific! I am thrilled and delighted for you.

Ah, the milestones--they ought to be called mileboulders. This is a big one.

ORION said...

Thanks Therese!

Kimber An said...

Wow! That is so awesome! Love the cover. You got really lucky with this one. :)

ORION said...

It is eerie. It is EXACTLY as I imagined it.

KRStagliano said...

Beautiful cover. Clean lines, says it all without smarm, not cliche, and exudes joy - AS SHOULD YOU!

Katie said...

Beautiful! So effective.

Anissa said...

I'm speechless. What a gorgeous cover! Congratulations, Pat. I can't wait to read it. Now go celebrate!

Maprilynne said...


I admit, I wonered just how in the world they were going to do this cover and figured they would settle for an artsy type cover without and image.

I am so blown away. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I haven't read the book, of course, but this cover just is saying everything you've ever told me about it.

Seriously, my jaws on the floor.



Lisa, Amy, Hannah & Lynne said...

Pat, it's silly, I barely know you, but I'm tearing up. The culmination of so much doubt, angst, hope, determination, skill, fear...all manifest in a single illustration. I'm so, so happy for you.


LadyBronco said...


That cover is absolutely wonderful.
I hear so much about the firt cover jinx - it evidently skipped you!

bookworm said...

I found you blog by chance, and became interested in your thoughts on this new post lead me to information about your novel and I find we have something else in common. I am mother to a son with Down syndrome, and I am writing a book about it for Penguin/NAL. I maintain a blog at
I'll check back now and then to follow THE LOTTERY'S progress. I can't wait to read it, and congratulations!

Southern Writer said...

What a great cover! It sounds like a fun story, too. I can just see all those relatives coming out of the woodwork like roaches. Lottery will be a best seller. I'm definitely going to buy it. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...


I cannot even begin to think of a better cover, it is
PERFECT, I am so PROUD of you. Pat, this took
my breath away. This is a culmination of your
talent, your personality your friendship, who you
are. The joy the young man has on that Bike is
BEAUTIFUL!! I am sososososoossoso impressed
with you and all who have worked with you..
OH MY GOSH....... My heart is leaping
Congrats congrats congrats.. Mary

Holly Kennedy said...

Oh, Pat, I love this cover.
It's like putting a face to the name of your unborn child, isn't it, this little peek at what's yet to come? When I got my first one, I literally had a good cry! This is wonderful stuff. Can't wait for Aug 2nd....

L.C.McCabe said...


Congrats. You have a cover and a date.

This is really happening!

Be sure to celebrate.


ORION said...

Oh wow you guys! Thanks for all the props!
I do SO love this cover.
Those of you who end up reading Lottery will see how very perfect it is.

Holly Kennedy said...

Pat, I'm traveling and keep trying to answer your email but can't get it to go through -- failure notice after failure notice. Will email you next week (sorry!) ::)

Becky said...

What a beautiful cover! I like the font, the clean white background, and the feeling of sheer exuberance the person on the bike portrays. Congrats!!! I'll be sure to read it when it comes out.

Stephen Parrish said...

I know everyone else is saying it, but I have to say it too: that cover alone will help this book fly off the shelf. I can't wait to see what's inside.

Patry Francis said...

Fabulous cover! So joyful! And I just noticed your release date is on my birthday. If you need someone to celebrate with, let me know...

writtenwyrdd said...

Great cover and a great blurb!

Bernita said...

Euphoria IS the word, init?

Zany Mom said...


ORION said...

I am so gratified you all like the cover. I have been reading horror stories and feel like the "cover fairy" flew over and touched LOTTERY on the shoulder (or at least the front of the manuscript!)
Hey question.
RE: August 2
My editor calls it the release date and I hear others call it a pub date.
What is it?

Therese Fowler said...

Hmm, I guess technically it's the "release" date because the book's being released to the public for purchase...

whereas the pub date would, technically, be the date(s) on which the book is produced.

Maybe. :-)

The really important thing is that LOTTERY is so phenomenally appealing that whether we say it's been "published" or "released," it's going to fly off the shelves!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I look foward to reading this. I wonder if it will hit my best books ever shelf? Probably...and everyone else's too! It sounds very enjoyable.

Anne said...

What a wonderful cover! Even if I didn't already know that I want to read this book, the cover would cinch it.


Michelle Zink said...

Wow, Pat!

You scored!

A HUGE congratulations to you... this is so awesome, and I mean that in every true sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

Kewl Beans!
(I DO judge a book by its cover -- and this one is awesome!)

Awesome awesome awesome!

Andy S.

p.s. Pat, did you know that in Japan your blog pops up with japanese subtitles?

ORION said...

Japanese subtitles???Really???
It's probably due to all that sushi I eat.

Gerb said...

Ooooh. Your baby is cute! Very nice cover. Congrats!!!

Re: pub date vs. release date, interchangeable, I think. What it means is that you can start haunting bookstores and wondering why your title isn't on the shelf. Facing out. :)

And Andy S., I don't see Japanese subtitles though I am in Japan... could it be your server or operating system? Curious.


Anonymous said...

Gerb さんは書きました...
... so what does THAT mean?
andy s.

ORION said...

What does my blog look like in other countries?

ORION said...

Holly made a good point on her blog which I will repeat here.
Bloggers love comments!
I am a blogger.
I love comments.
Feel free to leave one!
To comment you don't have to join blogger -- just use anonymous and leave a first name on your message.
We won't bite.

Anne said...

Pat, Will you let us know when Putnam makes it available for pre-order? Unless I'm doing something wrong, it isn't yet showing up on Amazon or in Putnam's "upcoming books" section.

Looking forward to haunting my local stores to turn LOTTERY front forward (as I've been know to do for another friend's books).

Have you given any more thought to Iowa?

ORION said...

No Ann you aren't doing anything wrong. I am told it will be way after the ARC's come out (which is after March 15 before it would be on Amazon). Websites take forever to be updated!
Trust me! I check everyday!
The wheels of publishing grind exceeding slow but paraphrase!
Hey Mia or Kristy or Holly?
How long did it take for your books to be on Amazon.
Hey trusty editor or editor's assistant? Are you lurking there?
How long does it take?
OK Pat calm down...Listen to all those inner voices...relax...

ORION said...

Sorry Anne (I forgot the e)
I am still considering Iowa for one of their summer workshops. It also looks like I will be at the Maui Retreat again.

Shanna Thompson said...

Congratulations! Awesome, just awesome!

ORION said...

Stephen Parrish has mentioned Lottery on his blog.
It is quite cool.
Thanks so much Stephen!

Demon Hunter said...

Congratulations! I love the cover and the story! The cover is brilliant. I cannot wait to read the book. I just know that a movie is coming. Do you think Tom Hanks will play the starring role? It looks great! Congrats to you again!
~T. Green

ORION said...

No -- too reminiscent of forrest gump and my story is not at all like that.
Besides Tom is too old to play Perry.
Jake Gyllenhall(sp?) from Brokeback Mt. is my choice!

Not that I get any vote!

Susan Wiggs said...

It's amazing. Fantastic, simple and expressive. I adore this cover and the storyline is wonderful, as I just knew it would be. Take a bow, Pat! Susan Wiggs

Demon Hunter said...

You may get a vote after all. A friend of mine just had one of his books optioned and they asked him about his cast choice. You never know. Kudos to you! I really look forward to reading it.

ORION said...

Holy cow!
Susan Wiggs!
Everybody read her new book WINTER LODGE it just hit 2 best seller lists!!!
Thanks SO MUCH for commenting!

M.G. Tarquini said...

That is one HELL of a nice cover, Patricia!

Heidi the Hick said...

I LOVE that cover!!! It's wonderful.

Can't wait to read it!

ChumleyK said...

Your cover is wonderful!!

I'm in Japan too...and everything on your blog pops up in English for me. I think we have all our browser settings converted over to English though. If I logged onto a different computer I might get your blog in Kanji!

Is your book being released in Japanese? I need an English copy, but I can go look for it in Japanese bookstores if you want to see the Japanese version.

canwag said...

Pat, this is wonderful - you must be euphoric! I already couldn't wait to read it before I saw the cover, but from what I know about the plot, the cover's perfect. It's exuberance in motion! And I agree - Iowa in the summer would be a great way to treat yourself and exercise the writing muscles too. I haven't had the privilege of attending one of their world-renowned workshops, but I was stationed there while in the military and loved it. Go see the covered bridges if you can.

Torrey Meeks said...

Holy shit! Patricia, congratulations.

And the cover is awesome indeed.

ORION said...

Mahalo (thank you) everyone!
I just went on under books, typed in Patricia Wood Lottery and the audio book came up for preorders!
How cool is that?

Michelle said...

Congrats to you! Love the cover!