Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Starting Fresh With A New Look

7 am and 77 degrees. (No I did not plan that).
I am anxiously awaiting the January issue of Publishers Weekly for my posted deal.
I will cut and paste it here on this blog when it comes out.
My son, Andrew, is hard at work putting the final touches on my website.
I turned in my manuscript to my editor with her suggested changes.
I got a chance to read and approve the catalogue copy for my novel.
I was notified yesterday that the foreign rights have just been sold to Israel.
So far my book will be translated into Italian, Dutch and Hebrew.
That is just a start.
Each day brings something new I must learn.
There is more to this business than merely writing a book, although that is the catalyst.
The strange thing is?
I am getting used to it.
Slowly but surely I am getting used to it.
I have become proactive.
I am a writer. When my book is published in August of this year I will be an author.
So I am trying on the label now.
Note the change in the blog.
"An author from Hawaii."
How cool is that?


Zany Mom said...

Can't wait for the announcement. Can you let us eager beavers know what genre you write, or what type of book this is? Cuz some of us are just very, very impatient. :)

ORION said...

Yeah Zany Mom. I will have an excerpt on my website and also probably put my query letter and synopsis up at some point.
I write commercial women's fiction.
I appreciate my cheering squad!