Thursday, January 04, 2007

Peel Her Off The Ceiling

I was hovering, adjusting my BC and saw this little guy hanging out.
He was the size of my thumb.
A baby frog fish. My favorite.

9:30 am and 78 degrees.
I did have coffee. That much I know. I have been returning emails and trying to come back down to Earth.
I have known about my deal since December 6 but seeing it in print hit home.
Hearing about another foreign rights sale widens my eyes.
Thinking about my book being in print makes my heart beat faster.
Imagining people I don't even know reading and enjoying my book gives me a thrill.
I worked on my acknowledgment page today. I am paralyzed with fear I will leave someone obvious out.
Like my agent.
My editor.
Or my husband.
That's why I'm doing it now. It is quite long. (And I hope somewhat entertaining).
I do not know when my deal will be on Publishers Marketplace.
I simply can't think anymore.
My brain is full.


Zany Mom said...

Is your website up and running?

Congrats again! Enjoy this. You deserve it. :)

ORION said...

Not quite yet. I will put a link here when it is.
It is nearing completion. There is some discussion with respect to the art I have chosen. My son says it looks like a memorial to a dead person. LOL
I may have to rethink.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you don't include your cat, you're screwed.

Jenna Glatzer said...

Pat, you know what's funny? Day after I found out I was pregnant (hadn't told yet), I found a frog in my backyard, took a picture, and put it on my blog. For whatever reason, since then, I associate frogs with good news. Now I'll have to associate frog FISH with good news, too. CONGRATS AGAIN!

ORION said...

Thanks so much you guys!