Saturday, January 13, 2007


2 p.m. 81 degrees.
OK this is the last time I mess with the blogger template but when Holly found this harbor scene I just had to use it!
My email is back up and I am trying to put back my links.
Today will be spent getting this together.
If anyone has questions:
email me at
Aloha and talk to you later


Zany Mom said...

Yeah, I hate when you change the background you lose all of your links. Good thing my 12-year-old is great with html. :)

ORION said...

I think this is it!

LadyBronco said...

Love the background!

ORION said...

Very funny

Kimber An said...

Oh, I like it just right.

Kiskadee said...

Great minds think alike! It;s the one I chose for my own blogger blog.

Sam said...

How nice! Love the soft colors and harbor scene. It goes well with the boat theme.