Thursday, January 11, 2007


A leaf scorpion fish. Remember the white one several posts ago? They come in all colors. Brown. Purple. White. Pink.
There is room in the ocean for them all. Some people don't like the brown ones. They say they are too plain. Others dislike the white ones. Some hate them all except for the pink.
I guess it's subjective.
Kind of like books, don't you think?

7 am and 75 degrees.
Sharp eyed bloggers will see evidence of a sibling on the post about my PhD. Little known fact number 27: I am a twin.
I just received the final catalogue copy for LOTTERY this morning.
For those of you interested in the process, many, many things go on when your book is bought and much of it at the same time.
The first thing that happened was the publisher had a meeting in which they decided when my book was to be released.
That was when a decision was made to "Crash" or fast track it. (That is when a book comes out less than a year after it is bought).
I got a call from my editor telling me she was doing a second read and that hopefully I would have a marked hard copy of the manuscript and an editorial letter before Christmas. There were not many changes. I had them back to her by January 2. During this time I wrote essays on why I wrote LOTTERY and was given the catalogue copy to read and approve. I came up with lists of authors I would like to read my book. (Contrary to popular belief they have to be living).
Now? I am waiting to see if my novel will go to copyediting next or whether we need one more pass.
I might post my catalogue copy here. Would you all like that????


Anonymous said...

Go for it, Pat. Catalogue copy is always fun to read. I like the copy for my 2nd novel but hated the copy for my 1st, which was written by my editor and no one ever bothered to run it by me for input, even though I WROTE THE BOOK!!! Lesson for future published authors -- insist on seeing your flap copy and catalogue copy.

Anonymous said...

Yes! We would like that!!!!


ORION said...

OK here it is!

Anonymous said...

Whoa - I've read your entire blog dated back to last year and I missed the post about the twin. (Sometimes I read too fast.) I've also been intrigued that you were in the Army at one time. I'm retired Navy and am landlocked now, to my eternal sorrow. I love your blog for your lovely descriptions of the sea and its inhabitants.

ORION said...

I never say much about my twin because when I do people shrink back, look at me in horror and say, "You mean there are TWO of you!!!!!"

verification word: yoopo
I kid you not!!!!