Monday, January 15, 2007


The sun creeps over the horizon.
It sneaks up behind me like a naughty child with a garden hose. Ready to spray me.
Yet with bravado.
"See." he says.
"See what I have done!"
"See what I can do?"
And it's morning.

7 am and 70 degrees. My nose is cold. My two muses are curled into tight periods. No stretched out commas this morning.
There is DEW on my deck! We only get dew when it is COLD!
It's cold to me.
I am still in my flannel pajamas like HOLLY KENNEDY.
I got a chilly reception at a writing message board (NOT AW).
MAPRILYN got one not so long ago, too.
We were just trying to help new writers.
We still do.
That was then and this is now.
It's time to move on.
Any of you with query - synopsis - publishing - journey questions please feel very free to place them in the comments section or email them to me. No problem.
My blog entries now are going to focus more and more on the process. Of creating a story more than just your mother is willing to read.
Writing for more than just yourself.
As for me?
I have two stories pulling me in half.
One is written and needs more editing. It is what I would consider women's fiction but with a slightly broader appeal.
The other is barely started but the character won't leave me alone. He wants to be next. His grasping hands tug at my neck. My shoulder. "Do me!" he says. "Do me, next!"
It's all Holly's fault.
She is going through the same thing. Her third novel is near completion. She is organized. Determined.
But there is this character. This story that does not to want wait. It wants to cut ahead in line.
The original story gets pissed.
"Wait your turn!" it says. "Wait like all the rest of us did!"
"But...But...But." The new story blusters and sputters trying to justify its rude behavior.
"What's wrong with you?" the nice story says. It is trying to be reasonable. Reach a compromise.
"You think you're special or something?"
That's just it.
It does.
It does think it's special.
And you know it too, deep down inside.
You know, too.
So you do.
You do compromise.
Maybe just a few words today. A scene. A chapter.
You get sucked in.
And Perry speaks in my ear softly.
"That is so totally cool," he says.
So totally cool.


Zany Mom said...

So cool! I love when my characters won't leave me alone. My new main character is shaping up nicely as she reveals herself to me. Love when that happens.

I've got a nearly finished novel that was screaming, wait your turn, too! But it was also keeping me in a state of writer's block, as I have no idea how to finish it.

Kimber An said...

Stories are like children begging for cookies. I can't seem get enough of either, or cookies.

therese fowler said...

SOUVENIR was my line-cutter. I had something else all mapped out, but S just pushed ahead, never even listening to the "Yeah, but..." of the other.

Always listen to the line-cutter!

Even if the other's under contract. Jen Weiner changed books (her 2nd or 3rd, I forget which) after getting a whole draft written.

Inspiration is genius!

P.S. who's dissing you on message boards?

millhousethecat said... questions. (Most delicate pardons if you've already covered this.)

How did you decide who to send your query to, or did you send it to any and every one?

Zany Mom said...

You guys got a chilly reception? Where??

You can't show me warm weather boats and describe chill. It's raw and cold here in the northeast. I can't be shivering looking at pictures of Hawaii!

ORION said... was not all that enthused about our idea of successful queries but Absolute Write Water cooler is great and now several other authors are going to do the same there (the thread is under agents)
I was very focused on women's fiction/ commercial fiction and because of my voice targeted anyone who said quirky or unusual.
I looked at the authors and books that Dorian already handled and felt I would be a good fit without duplicating what she already represented.
I was very methodical with LOTTERY but did query more widely with my first project.

LadyBronco said...

I am having the same issues at the moment!
I have only a few completed paragraphs in another WiP (it's shelved at the moment), but the characters from that WiP are screaming at me to be put on paper.
I have to send them to their room quite frequently to get them to be quiet.