Friday, December 22, 2006

Waaaaay Too Much Time (Continued)

`aha is the Hawaiian name of this fish. He/she was hanging out in the harbor.
Also called a Houndfish.
The scientific name is apt:
Tylosurus crocodilus
But I prefer the Hawaiian name. `AHA.
I always wondered what an Aha! looked like.
That creative burst of energy. That supremely original thought.
Now I know..

4 am (don't ask) and 71 degrees.
Another ridiculous and pointless activity blatantly ripped off from one of my blogger friends.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Reverend Countess Patricia the Pompous of Leighton in the Bucket
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

You see.
It's just that I am waiting...
For January.
For the next step.
Writing is full of waiting.
Waiting for that perfect phrase, the right word...that unique metaphor
for your query to be answered...a partial...a full requested...
A publisher...
Kind of like Christmas.


Bernita said...

~waits can be long~
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Milady the Most Honourable Kimberley the Subversive of Bartonhurst in the River

Do smile, bow, and scrape when you say it too.

Yes, waaay too much time on your hands. Grab your gear and go jump in the ocean, will you? ;)

Anonymous said...

How fun!
My name is Lady Madame Rebecca in the Middle of Bismorton Shropcake.

And curtsey when you say hides the smirk!

Anonymous said...

I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

Anonymous said...

Mine is: Reverend Countess Holly the Mirthful of Lesser Cheese Winston, which doesn't sound promising. I wish you could make up your own. Mine would be far more HOPEFUL; something like... Reverend Countess Holly on-the-rise-to-future-bestsellerdom!

Zany Mom said...

"Her Excellency Janet the Educated of Pease Pottage"

Hmm. How did they know I was talking about writing a novel concerning pod people?? Very interesting. ;)

P.S. Just kidding about the pod people. I can't write SF/F (I don't read it; can't get into it).

ORION said...

I have such exalted friends - Oh this is TOO funny...I spell checked exalted and it wanted to change it to
How did it know?
Merry Christmas everybody!
I just got my editorial letter!!!
My editor ROCKS!