Friday, December 15, 2006

UFO...Unidentified Floating Object

I found this bobbing around in the ocean and thought of that Christmas song:
The Marvelous Toy..."It went bop when it stopped and whir when it moved.....I never knew just what it was and I guess I never will...!" by Peter, Paul, and Mary.
Well...sometimes you see creatures that you just can't identify. I ended up sending this photo to the University of Hawaii Invertebrate specialists (in zoology)...They weren't entirely sure but made a guess as to some type of primitive chordata.
But I wanted a name.
I decided to give it one.

5:30 am and 74 degrees.
I adore my agent.
She is awesome.
I am bemused by writers who, after querying, decide they don't need an agent and go straight to publishers.
Even worse are the ones who rave on message boards that agents sponge off authors and begrudge the 15%.
That is SO not true.
I am here to tell you do not listen.
Do not be swayed.
Yes, a bad agent or scam artist is worse than no agent at all.
But I am not talking about them.
I am talking about good reputable agents.
My agent's diligence in selling my novel was wonderful, was marvelous. It only took a week and one day from submission to auction and acceptance.
That week was an eye opener. Every publisher offered something different. I had no idea of the complexities.
But my agent did.
I will be more forthcoming later but I will give an example now.
The difference between North American Rights and World Rights.
With North American Rights you get to sell your novel to publishers in other territories (languages) and they each buy your book separately.
When you sell World Rights the publisher gets that advantage.
So , with a good agent, only North American Rights are offered and you have additional opportunities for financial gain later on down the road.
So endeth lesson one on agents...
Stay tuned for lesson two.


Anonymous said...

Is that a jellyfish?

I've learned that this whole agent/publisher thing is a matter of patience. A hopeful author needs to have the patience to educate herself and then the patience to wait on the wheels to turn. Good things come to those who wait.

Anonymous said...

P.S. You all should pop over to my blog today and read 'Shooting Stars 2006' which showcases my favorite books this year. I've already had authors who've written a couple of those books respond in comments. And we all know how much we can learn from those who've gone before!

ORION said...

No it's not a jelly (jelly fish are not fish they are cnidarians) It is actually more closely related to us vertebrates!
Yeah I'll mosey over...
I couldn't comment on any of the beta blogs yesterday - it wouldn't take my password - but I check your blog a couple times a day-

ORION said...

Got it Kim S.
I deleted the comment

Kim Stagliano said...

Mazel Tov! Can't wait to learn more about your book. I'm "wicked excited!"