Saturday, December 02, 2006

Stupid Baby Horse Tricks

So baby horse (Veritas) has this ridiculous habit. It is a trait that his Dutch Warmblood Daddy passed on (Best of Luck line).
For his own personal entertainment (and mine) he flips his tongue around.
The following photos are for your viewing amusement.

5 am and 75 degrees.
I have been told to sit back and enjoy the ride.
Maybe I will in retrospect.
I know I am in turns excited and apprehensive.
I am gratified and humbled that so many editors love my book. I am fierce about my writing career and have taken it very seriously. That being said, to have so many publishing professionals "get" my book, understand its complexities, and want to acquire it...well that is as I have said before, heady stuff.
I am still being circumspect.
It is prudent to do so.

One huge recommendation.
Publisher Marketplace.
You ALL should have a subscription.
At $20 a month there is nothing else you could do that would further your writing career and allow you to understand the business. That and writing.

So here I am.
Just like baby horse.
Waving my tongue around.
Just for fun.


Anonymous said...

Baby humans do that too, ya know.

Why should we subscribe to Publishers' Marketplace?

ORION said...

Let me count the ways...
Let me see.
Maybe I should blog this!
I think I will.

writtenwyrdd said...

Does he like his gums rubbed, too? Some horses practically fall over, they love that sooo much!

How old is the little big guy?

ORION said...

He's four and a half. He came in from California a year ago. I co-own him with my good friend NNH. We ride the old man (Airborne -he's 25) and baby horse together.
In a year he has come a LONG way. Very sweet and rideable. Paul Theroux has his lessons on him. Of course Paul is getting pretty good now, but baby horse is an exceptionally quick learner.