Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rude People Got...No Reason...

Yes! Just in the nick (Ho HO Ho) of time.
We decorated ORION yesterday. Not with the decadence of two years before but she still carries her lights well...
The Christmas Parade was last night. It was really too windy, but seven brave boats made their way out the harbor, just past the first hotel, then quickly turned tail and headed back in. We sat on the fuel dock taking pictures with ORION safely tied in her slip. The judges sit up in the Harbor office. It was hilarious as two of the seven boats had their generators fail just as they reached the judges stand. The boats were plunged into darkness. It takes a lot of power to run Christmas lights on a boat. FYI.

5 am and 74 degrees.
Just when I think I have seen all types of human behavior I experience something that surprises even moi!
So like I said.
The Christmas Boat Parade was last night. We went with our neighbor Bob - beta reader extraordinaire. Renee, his most excellent wife, is with family in California.
We carried two bottles of wine (Zinfandel and Shiraz FYI), our plastic cups (we spare no expense), and staked out a table.
The outdoor catered marina Christmas buffet is legendary and we primed to be in line before the potatoes and turkey were gone. It gets crowded as the boats get in from the parade. We set our bottles on our table, filled our plastic wine glasses, and stood in line to get our food.
This is when it gets interesting.
Ten minutes later we bring our plates to our table and it is filled with strangers.
They are drinking our wine...even out of our USED glasses. CORRECTION. They DRANK our wine.
"Oh, gee," they said. "Was that YOUR wine? He he." They looked at each other and laughed. I could tell they were embarrassed. I lifted my bottle but it was empty. "Sorry," they said.
Both Bob and Gordon knew I was steaming! They of course said, "No big deal." and we found another table (wineless) but I am still PISSED!
I spent nine dollars on that bottle of wine.
That's a lot for me!
Did I overreact?
I don't think so.
What do you think?

Tell me YOUR rude people stories!


Zany Mom said...

It's right about then that I'd wish I had the worst virus on the planet to infect the wine thieves with! Or at least tell *them* that I had one, LOL.

That is so rude and thoughtless and disgusting. Kudos to you for not pushing them off the dock, or slapping them upside the head with the empty bottle.

Some people have no manners. None at all. Though it's great fodder for novels. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so rude!!!
I guess there's nothing to be said though - losing one's temper is pretty useless and won't being back the wine. I guess the best thing is what you did - shrug it off and move on.
& LOL about the x-mas lights!

Anonymous said...

What!!!!!!!!! They drank your already opened wine!!! The nerve!!!

I am appalled. That is so rude!

I don't have anything to top that.;)