Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Drop An Anchor

4:30 am and 75 degrees.
Anchoring out.
When we want to get away but still have the accouterments of easy living - we anchor out.
Let loose the dock lines.
Ask for outbound clearance.
And make our way out the harbor.
Electric Beach is our favorite. So named because of the giant HECO plant right on shore. They pipe in salt water to cool the turbines and have a huge outfall off shore that shoots the warm water back into the ocean.
We like to anchor directly over and watch the fish and turtles tumble around in the current.
Think about the scene with the sea turtles in Finding Nemo.
This is where I throw out my floaty chair.
Lean back into the tepid sapphire waters
Close my eyes.
And fleetingly wonder if I will be chewed on by a tiger shark.
Only fleetingly.
But I still open one eye and look around.
When I feel.
Something brush.
My leg.


Kim Stagliano said...

Must you ALWAYS remind me that you live in paradise?


Anonymous said...

I feel ONE THING brush up against my anything in the water, and I'm OUTTA there!

ORION said...

Kim - yes...it is my destiny

Ladybronco - creeps ya out doesn't it?

That's fine just wait until our next hurricane/tsunami/earthquake.

Anonymous said...

Sharks? Ahhh! Hey, does anyone remember Jaws 2? Did anyone else wish the one girl who would not stop screaming would get eaten? And she's the only one that survived!

Orion, where are you? I'm used to you posting every day. I hope you're okay.

Kimber An (who is posting anonymously because Blogger in Beta stinks)

Anonymous said...


Did you not post today cause you got great news and you are out celebrating with the hubby?
(I surely hope that's the reason!)

Hope everything is alright!